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| xloc         = Number
| yloc         = Number
| icon         = String
| location     = String


The horizontal offset of the map image
The vertical offset of the map image
The icon to display in the center of the minimap. E.g. "mini T Map Icon vista.png"
The text name of the location (optional) - this should be displayed as an ALT tag when the user hovers over the icon.

CSS styling

There is specific CSS styling set within MediaWiki:Common.css

/* This is styling for the minimap template */
.minimap {
	width: 300px;
	height: 300px;
	vertical-align: middle;
	text-align: center;
	border: none;
	background-image: url('');
	background-repeat: no-repeat;
.minimap img {
	float: none;


  • There is only one image for the minimap - it's the whole map resized to 2000px x 2000px size.
  • Using CSS techniques, the minimap itself is a DIV element that is sized as exactly 300px x 300px. The map image is set as the background for the DIV and an offset is specified, so that it shows the correct section of the map.
  • The icon specified should always be shown centered on the minimap - there was an issue when getting this to work inside an infobox, so a workaround was implemented whereby all the minimap versions of the icons are 300px x 32px with a transparent area. The icons also had a black stroke/border applied so that they are more visible. They are all named the same as the standard icons, but with "Mini " prefixed to the filename.
  • To convert from in-game coordinates to the offset required, some maths needs to be applied. Take the in-game X,Y coordinate , add +342, +446. Then multiply by -2.45 and add +150, +150 (see the example below).


This example is taken from the Location infobox template and uses values passed to that template to transclude the Minimap template.

| xloc = {{#expr: (({{#explode:{{{Coords}}}|,|0}} + 342) * -2.45) + 150 }}
| yloc = {{#expr: (({{#explode:{{{Coords}}}|,|1}} + 446) * -2.45) + 150 }}
| icon = Mini {{{MapIcon}}}
| location = {{{Name}}}