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Simple Weapon Improvements

Simple Weapon Damage Kit
Simple Weapon Damage Kit
A bag of unpleasant things that can be attached to weapons to increase their damage
类型 工具
等级 低级
最大堆叠 10
重量 0.5
ID 41052

Simple Weapon Damage Kit流放者柯南中的一种消耗品

描述[ | ]

Some warriors adorn their weapons to intimidate their foes and make them a memorable presence on the battlefield.

But the collection of spikes and studs contained in this bag have a single purpose - to wreck foes. Whether hammer, sword, or spear - there is something here to bring ruination, laceration, and devastation to the bodies and minds of enemies everywhere.

Applying this simple kit to a weapon will increase its damage slightly.

来源[ | ]

原料 产出 制作时间 (以秒为单位) 经验值获得量
10 Icon iron bar 铁块
2 Icon oil
1 Icon modkit wpn increaseDamage t1 Simple Weapon Damage Kit 10.0 141