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Simple Armor Improvements

Simple Armor Rebalance Kit
Simple Armor Rebalance Kit
A set of tools for improving the poise of a set of armor
類型 工具
等級 低級
最大堆疊 10
重量 0.5
ID 41072

Simple Armor Rebalance Kit流放者柯南中的一種消耗品


In Poitain, the shining southern province of Aquilonia, it is common for men to engage in contests of arms wearing full plate armor. And among those people it is commonly understood that a once a warrior falls in full plate, they will be battling to return to their feet.

This kit, developed by the smiths of that fair land, is designed to resettle the weight of the armor set such that it matches the wearers center of balance. This means less chance of falling in battle and more time spent on the feet.

This simple kit will increase the poise value of armor slightly.


原料 產出 製作時間 (以秒為單位) 經驗值獲得量
10 Icon iron bar.png 鐵塊
10 Icon plant fiber-1.png 植物纖維
1 Icon modkit arm poise t1.png Simple Armor Rebalance Kit 10.0 150