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Jamila the Pirate Queen
Jamila the Pirate Queen
脾气 Passive
位置 X: 92,120
Y: 105,380
Z: −5,510
  • Salute

描述[ | ]

Jamila the Pirate Queen is one of the 奴隶 quest 角色s in Conan Exiles.

Dialogue[ | ]

  • Watch your shadow. cully. You've not the saltwater stagger of the regular fools who come seeking the blade of the Butcher of Khwarizm. So we'll talk, if you keep your distance.
  • (humph) Come to gawk at the captain who lost her ship and her crew? Twice the captain and twice the exile now, thanks to those mutinous dogs. I put the salt back in their blood and this is how they repay me? Treacherous bastards. The Black Hand only exists because of me!
  • (ugh) When I was exiled here, like the others, I was adrift, directionless. They burned my hands before they cut me loose, burned them into twisted flesh lumps you see today. I had to learn everything anew. How to eat, how to fight. How to survive. Make no mistake, exile, this place is a crucible. We are being shaped and moulded to some malevolent plan.
  • On the Vilayet, I always knew our heading. There was always another Turanian sail to burn, another fortune to be won. But here, I needed a new course. There were rogues aplenty - Barrachans, Zingaran Freebooters and members of the Red Brotherhood, exiles all. I gathered them together and I bound with a promise. If we could work together, I would find us a way back to the ocean. That was how the Black Hand begun...
  • the rules of the Red Brotherhood allow any crew member to challenge the captain. I tried to keep the same tradition in the Black Hand. Any who could best me, could take my position. Mutinous cowards didn't even try. They just waited until I was asleep, then chained me to the hull. Never trust a pirate (especially if his name is "First Mate Atthlis").
  • Look, I don't really do treasure maps, as (a) rule. But there is something in the ruins of that city. A room, but the floor looks like a map. And embedded in that floor are gems. My bracelet was glowing like a witchfire and all of the gems on the floor were lit up to match it. I don't hold with sorcery, so I got my crew out of there. After we tried to pry up a few of the gems, naturally.
  • Look, cully, do you see it? That's a sea(lake) out there, or a lake big enough not to make a difference to me. I'm going to lead this crew down there. (ugh) I can almost taste the salt already.
  • We've been to the islands out there. There are ruins on some of them, but not like the ruins we found in the desert. To start with, these ones are human sized. I think there used to be people living here. And there is still a line of those bloddy pillars out there, so we can't see what is on the other side. I shouldn't complain, the gods led me back to the saltwater. And that is all I ever wanted.
  • Keep yourself safe.(May you always find water, wanderer.)
  • You're back. Again.(Ahoy, Exile. What news?)
  • May you always find water, wanderer.(Keep your self safe)
  • What tidings, traveler?(You're back. Again.)
  • May the wind guide you, exile.

注释[ | ]

she has no dialogue to teach any religion. So wish this would get updated.

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