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Flawless Flanged Iron Mage
Icon iron mace.png
Flawless Flanged Iron Mage
A mace of unadorned iron
類型 武器
等級 中級
輕擊傷害 40
重擊傷害 80
護甲穿透 54.0%
耐久度 530
重量 1.93
ID 51188

Flawless Flanged Iron Mage流放者柯南中的一種武器


Across the sea of heads and spears Conan's madmen saw Amalric's riders forging steadily through the rout, to the rise and fall of axes and maces, and a mad joy of victory exalted each man's heart and made his arm steel.
~ 《黑色巨像》

A refinement of the primitive clubs swung by god-fearing savages in the wild places of the world, the mace has found its place in a world of armored figures.

Capable of shattering bones through armor and crumpling helmets, the mace is a preferred weapon against heavily armored foes. It bears no makers-mark and is made of untreated iron.


原料 產出 製作時間 (以秒為單位) 經驗值獲得量
25 Icon iron bar.png 鐵塊 1 Icon iron mace.png Flawless Flanged Iron Mage1 50.0 338

1 可使用工作枱中的等級4的鐵匠製作


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