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Flawless Acheronian War-Axe
Flawless Acheronian War-Axe
A vicious war-axe made in the Acheronian style
类型 武器
等级 高级
轻击伤害 119
重击伤害 239
护甲穿透 8.0%
耐久度 840
重量 1.55
ID 51987

Flawless Acheronian War-Axe流放者柯南中的一种武器

描述[ | ]

This weapon is forged in the style of ancient Acheron, a kingdom of sorcerers that dominated the northern kingdoms over three thousand years ago. Scholars have noted that the Acheronian stlye bears a striking similarity to that of the mysterious pre-human race that one ruled what is modern-day Stygia.

来源[ | ]

原料 产出 制作时间 (以秒为单位) 经验值获得量
5 Icon ingredient plank 塑形木材
25 Icon hardened steel bar 坚固的钢块
10 Icon dragonpowder 龙焰粉
10 Icon oil
1 Icon acheron axe Flawless Acheronian War-Axe1 40.0 93623

1 可使用工作台中的等级4的铁匠制作

修理[ | ]

修理Flawless Acheronian War-Axe所需材料: