Flawless Acheronian Spear
Icon acheron spear.png
Flawless Acheronian Spear
A vicious spear made in the Acheronian style
類型 武器
等級 高級
輕擊傷害 133
重擊傷害 199
護甲穿透 64.0%
耐久度 1260
重量 1.68
ID 51984

Flawless Acheronian Spear流放者柯南中的一種武器


The horde had formed into a huge wedge, of which the tip was the Stygians and the body, the mailed asshuri, flanked by the nomads. In close formation, shields lifted, they rolled onward, while behind them a tall figure in a motionless chariot lifted wide-robed arms in grisly invocation.
~ 《黑色巨像》

This weapon is forged in the style of ancient Acheron, a kingdom of sorcerers that dominated the northern kingdoms over three thousand years ago. Scholars have noted that the Acheronian stlye bears a striking similarity to that of the mysterious pre-human race that one ruled what is modern-day Stygia.


T4 Ingredients 產出 製作時間 (以秒為單位) 經驗值獲得量
5 Icon ingredient plank.png 塑形木材
25 Icon hardened steel bar.png 堅固的鋼塊

10 Icon dragonpowder.png 龍焰粉
10 Icon oil.png

2 Icon ingredient plank.png 塑形木材
12 Icon hardened steel bar.png 堅固的鋼塊

5 Icon dragonpowder.png 龍焰粉

5 Icon oil.png

1 Icon acheron spear.png Flawless Acheronian Spear1 40.0 93623

1 可使用工作枱中的等級4的鐵匠製作


修理Flawless Acheronian Spear所需材料:

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