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Exceptional Balanced Iron Javelin
Exceptional Balanced Iron Javelin
One-handed short spear that can be jabbed or thrown
类型 武器
等级 中级
最大堆叠 25
轻击伤害 41
重击伤害 83
护甲穿透 23.4%
耐久度 460
重量 1.75
ID 51193

Exceptional Balanced Iron Javelin流放者柯南中的一种武器


As they swept past the black mouth of a gorge that opened into the Pass, a javelin swished through the air and thudded home behind the stallion's straining shoulder.
~ 《黑圈人》

The javelin is one of the most versatile weapons of the Hyborian age. Light weight enough to be wielded with a shield, the javelin is thin bladed; double-edged sword;常见的薄双刃剑 front line weapon in battles.

Push, stab, push, stab is a motto of infantry the world over.

In addition, the javelin is light enough to be thrown with some degree of accuracy. Enemies fleeing a battle are almost always surprised to find three feet of spear jutting from between their shoulder blades.


原料 产出 制作时间 (以秒为单位) 经验值获得量
6 Icon branch.png 树枝
22 Icon iron bar.png 铁块
1 Icon iron balanced javelin.png Exceptional Balanced Iron Javelin1 40.0 306

1 可使用工作台中的等级3的铁匠制作


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