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巧匠贾伦 巧匠贾伦 converted
类型 T4 Blacksmith
制作速度增益 2.5


Galen is a named, tier 4 blacksmith who is rumored to be found during the 扫荡 while in the 黑手会's territory.


Galen can craft the following recipes at the following stations:

Blacksmith's Bench (Basic Tier)[]

Icon cimmerian battleaxe.png
Flawless Cimmerian Battle-axe
Icon falcata.png
Flawless Falcata
Icon hardened steel axe.png
Flawless Hardened Steel War Axe
Icon exile broadsword.png
Flawless Iron Broadsword
Icon iron axe.png
Flawless Iron War Axe
Icon obsidian dagger.png
Flawless Obsidian Daggers
Icon obsidian 2h sword.png
Flawless Obsidian Great Sword
Icon obsidian warhammer.png
Flawless Obsidian Hammer
Icon obsidian mace.png
Flawless Obsidian Mace
Icon obsidian spear.png
Flawless Obsidian Spear
Icon obsidian sword.png
Flawless Obsidian Sword
Icon serpentmen dagger.png
Flawless Serpent-man Daggers
Icon serpentmen mace.png
Flawless Serpent-man Mace
Icon serpentmen sword.png
Flawless Serpent-man Sword
Icon serpentmen spear.png
Flawless Serpent-man War Spear
Icon serpentmen waraxe.png
Flawless Serpent-man War-Axe
Icon serpentmen warhammer.png
Flawless Serpent-man Warhammer
Icon star metal dagger.png
Flawless Star Metal Daggers
Icon star metal 2h sword.png
Flawless Star Metal Great Sword
Icon star metal mace.png
Flawless Star Metal Mace
Icon star metal spear.png
Flawless Star Metal Spear
Icon star metal 1h sword.png
Flawless Star Metal Sword
Icon star metal throwing axe.png
Flawless Star Metal Throwing Axe
Flawless Steel Javelin
Icon steel tipped spear.png
Flawless Steel Spear
Icon steel throwing axe.png
Flawless Steel Throwing Axe
Icon trident.png
Flawless Steel Trident
Icon iron 2h sword.png
Flawless Two-Handed Iron Sword
Icon iron 2h sword.png
Flawless Two-Handed Steel Sword
Epic icon whetstone hardened steel bar.png
Legendary Weapon Repair Kit

Improved Blacksmith's Bench (Epic Tier)[]