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T PlayerMarker.png玩家标记显示了你所在的位置。 和十字线不同,主机会显示一个T Map mouseCursor.png‘鼠标游标’。



Interactive map

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T FullscreenMap grid.jpg

Isle of Siptah[]

Isle of Siptah map.png


See also: 鍵盤控制, 管理員面板
Action PC PS4 Xbox Notes
開啟/關閉地圖 M PS4_Circle X360_DPADR[1]
T Map mouseCursor.png 移動游標 Left Mousebutton ? X360_LS[1]
T Map PanIcon mouse.png 移動 Left Mousebutton PS4_RS X360_RS[1] 拖動
T Map InteractIcon mouse.png 互動 Right Mousebutton PS4_Cross X360_A[1] 打开 添加标记/编辑标记 探索出的地点/创建的地图标记的選单。
T Map Teleport Key Ctrl.png + T Map InteractIcon mouse.png 管理员传送 Ctrl + Right Mousebutton PS4_Triangle ? 将自己传送到目标地点上方5米的位置。由于可能传送到悬崖边,建议提前开启飞行或是幽灵模式来规避坠落伤害。[2]
Nearest Camp
Ctrl + J - - 將人物傳送至範圍內最靠近的 營地 中心[3]
地圖拉遠 ? PS4_L1 X360_LB[4][1]
地圖拉近 ? PS4_R1 X360_RB[4][1]
定位玩家 ? R3 X360_RS[1] Xbox:
選擇地圖圖示 Left Mousebutton PS4_LS ? 選擇以下16個圖例之一做為代表圖示
T Map removeIcon.pngT Map Icon generic stamp 1.pngT Map Icon generic stamps 2.pngT Map Icon generic stamp 3.png
T Map Icon generic stamp 4.pngT Map Icon generic stamp 5.pngT Map Icon stamp animal.pngT Map Icon stamp bedroll.png
T Map Icon stamp boss monster.pngT Map Icon stamp danger.pngT Map Icon stamp loreObject.pngT Map Icon stamp mineral resource.png
T Map Icon stamp plant resource.pngT Map Icon stamp player base.pngT Map Icon stamp treasure.pngT Map Icon stamp unknown object.png


  • 請在儲存標記前 編輯名稱 否則名稱編輯不會生效。[5]

T Map removeIcon.png 代表 取消 圖示.

編輯名稱 MARKER NAME PS4_Triangle X360_Y[4]



在單人游戏中你可以使用管理员指令 ToggleDebugHUD 或是 ToggleDebugHUD 2 取得坐标。




  • 是游戏中坐标的千分之一。
  • 不提供Z轴坐标。

比如,T Map Icon capital vanir.png 新阿萨加斯 页面的坐标为


在游戏中,使用管理员指令 ToggleDebugHUD指令看见的坐标为


使用管理员指令Teleport(传送)來移動要慢於直接在管理员模式下使用Ctrl + Right Mousebutton傳送到該地點。







  • 使用Xbox控制器,选择T Map removeIcon.png取消标志和删除按钮。
  1. 将光标移到标记上
  2. 按住Right Mousebutton鼠标右键。
  3. 按住Left Mousebutton鼠标左键。
  4. 放开Right Mousebutton鼠标右键
  5. 放开Left Mousebutton鼠标左键
  6. Alt + Tab切出游戏。
  7. Alt + Tab切回游戏。
  8. 选择T Map removeIcon.png取消标志
  9. 点击删除按钮。

地圖標記可被刪除, Right Mousebutton 右鍵點及一個現存的標記然後選擇 T Map removeIcon.png 取消圖示以及刪除按鍵


  • There are also map markers for bedrolls, 掃蕩 and the players' corpse. There is a maximum of 3 death markers (you can have max 3 corpses active at the same time).
  • No new biomes are planned at this time.[7] New dungeons, however, are (see Upcoming features).
    • Areas outside the Exiled Lands -mostly the top right corner of the map- are being used to 'hide' the dungeons, which are not directly visible, but have a building which acts as marker above their location.
      • Inside the render distance, a dungeon -or a different map expansion- would be loaded together with all other content, causing a performance decrease. The Unreal Engine also loads things in using a distance check which is done in the XY axis only (Z being up and down), so lowering something below the map will not matter.
      • The size of the map is just about hitting the actual limit of 400k x 400k - after that, Unreals' physics start misbehaving. For example, on the eastern-most islands, corpses tend to fall through the ground sometimes. Newer versions of UE are said to cope better with these problems. However, it would take a huge investment to move the game to a newer version of the engine.
The true location of each dungeon is displayed in their Media section. An overview can be achieved by selecting World Bosses under Misc on the Interactive Map at the top of this page.
  • While you are in a dungeon, the map pointer still points to a location near to where you entered. The way it works is that there is a 'dungeon table' which has a MinX, MinY and MaxX, MaxY and an override location. It will keep correcting this, as long as you are in the Min / Max range.
  • Moving the cursor over an area that is outside the fence boundary will dim the map display.
  • One quadrant of the map is 500m x 500m, a foundation block is 256cm x 256cm x 256cm and a wall piece is 256cm x 256cm x 32cm.[8]


See also: 地点, 地图屋, 指南, Useful links.

Below is a list of community maps.

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Exiled Lands[]

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Isle of Siptah[]

  • Isle of Siptah - Die Verbannten
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