Zath is a type of religion in Conan Exiles.


True Name of xxx

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  • Note that crafting an avatar from any of the Altars will destroy the Altar and all of its contents, including the Priest. Any Manifestation of Zeals remaining will be in a loot bag but cannot be picked up.
  • The same is not true for the Shield.



Zath's avatar is a giant spider.

  • Attack 1 is a ranged projectile attack that damages buildings at a distance.
  • Attack 2 is a series of spider-egg bombs dropped around the avatar that do damage on impact and spawn a spider mobs after X seconds.
  • Special attack is ...


New religions are mostly Joel's (Joel Bylos, Creative Director) decision to make. As many people already know, Joel keeps a tight leash on what is allowed to go into Conan Exiles. He had some reasonable ideas of what could be added to the game based on the lore and around the time period of when Conan Exiles is supposed to take place.

Joel presented the Conan Exiles team with a list of options, and they felt Zath had a good mix of both distinct visuals and gameplay, while also doing the religion good justice too. There were a few gods that were given as options they felt they couldn't do proper justice for based on the technology on hand, along with the time they had. While some other gods were too similar to the ones that existed in the game already (Glaucon mentioned one that would have felt like another Mitra, for example).

~ Nicole Vayo; Andy Benditt; Glaucon; Multigun[1]
  • In the Cursed Sands Discord 3rd birthday developer Q&A event, it was explained why they decided to go with Zath for the new religion.



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