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The Zamorian Barkeeper is a special Thrall found from the Purge.


The Barkeeper cannot be found out in the wild at this time - they must be unlocked from a cage at the end of a Purge using a Commander's Key. It can be identified at the Purge camp if it tries to draw your attention with pleads.

The Barkeeper is not a combat thrall like a Fighter, being essentially a civilian. If talked to when they aren't working at a Tavern Bar, they will state as such. They have 960hp when they are rescued, and have a 0% growth chance for all stats. Although it has the Entertainer tag, it is mostly decorative.

If freed, a player can go to a Tavern Bar and use the Guard option to assign the Barkeeper to it. It will then sell beverages and start attracting random thralls to the area. It can also summon contacts such as Isscar the Sellsword (when freed) for a fee.

You can get more than one Barkeeper from the Purge event.

The following are the items offered when manning a Tavern Bar:



Show me mercy, and I will repay it a thousandfold. Please!
A thousand times I beg you, speak to me.
Shhh! They'll hear. Get me out, and I will be beholden to you.
Please listen. There isn't much time. I have a proposition.

Left Behind[]

No... you can't leave me here. I beg you!


Ah, a thousand gratitudes to you. I shall serve you faithfully. I shall serve you libations unending!
You set me free! Thank you. Thank you!

Greeting (Guard)[]

I owe you much, but I am wasted as a fighter.

Talk (Guard)[]

My talents are in the barkeep trade. i can keep you and yours happy with drink, and my ears suss out all manner of secrets and gossip. Hm?
I will fight for you, but I could do so much more.

Greeting (Tarvern Bar)[]

The tavern is the best way to end the day. Or start it. Or while away the middle hours of it.
What is your pleasure?
Drink or talk? ...or both?
Ahh, what can I get you?

Talk (Tavern Bar)[]

Building a tavern was wise, and freeing me to run the bar was wiser still. You shall see!
I once owned a watering hole in Arenjun, full of the most vile, despicable scum of Zamora...not like these fine folk.
Things went sideways. I got caught giving room and board to thieves... the short of it is I became an exile.
But I still have the knack of it. A tongue to convince patrons to order just one more drink... and an ear to lap up all of their spilled secrets.
You build the tavern. You adorn it as you see fit, fill it with seats, and I will take care of the rest. Wish to bribe a contract to visit the tavern? Give me the order and the coin, and I'll send it right along.
I have eyes and ears in the underworld. I know the right people. I know how to get to know the right people I do not yet know. You and I can do very right by one another. You shall see!

Goodbye (Tavern Bar)[]

Come back soon. I am always open.
Short days. Long nights.
A favorable day to you.
Go about your business. I'll be here, pouring and listening.