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Black men came up the river in long boats with skulls grinning on the prows, or stole stooping through the trees, spear in hand.
~ Queen of the Black Coast

Adorned with feathers and tipped with flint, this short spear represents the pinnacle of Darfari weapons.

The Darfari use these spears for hunting game, first pinning their prey with well-aimed throws and then harassing their prey with swift, sharp stabs.

The feathers on the shaft are taken from the ferocious, but colourful, elephant birds that roam the grasslands on the very edges of Darfar.


Created from the following Recipes Information
Rift of Yog, Abyss of Yog
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
5 Icon branch Branch
60 Icon bone-1 Bone
10 Icon unblemished meat Unblemished Human Meat
1 Icon darfari short spear Yoggite Bone Spear
10 Icon religion token Manifestation of Zeal
20 s 10

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Repairing Yoggite Bone Spear requires up to: