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Icon Ymir

Ymir is a type of religion in Conan Exiles. It can be learned in the following ways: selecting it as the main religion during character creation, spending 50 knowledge points in the religion section, talking to The Outcast at The Outcast Camp, or by finding the Icon ice shard Everice of Ymir.

For the Ymir Priest and Archpriest, see the Priest page.


Specialization: Ice, Cold
Avatar: Frost Giant

Ymir is the lord of war and storms. Frost Giants are said to be the male children of Ymir and his singular daughter, Atali, is said to haunt the battlefields of men, luring them to their death in the frozen wastes of the north. According to the Nordheimers, when a warrior falls in battle they go to Valhalla, the great feasting hall of Ymir to feast and fight forever.
When invoked, Ymir takes the form of a Frost Giant wielding an enormous axe and leaving a trail of frost in his wake.

True Name of Ymir[]

Avatar warning
  • Note that crafting an avatar from any of the Altars will destroy the Altar and all of its contents, including the Priest. Any Manifestation of Zeal remaining will be in a loot bag, but cannot be picked up.
  • The same is not true for the Shield.


Altar to Ymir[]

(Level 1 / 50 Knowledge Points)

Blooded Altar to Ymir[]

(Level 20 / 5 Knowledge Points)

Exalted Altar to Ymir[]

(Level 50 / 11 Knowledge Points)

Blessings of Ymir[]

(Level 60 / 7 Knowledge Points)

1: Currently not implemented.
2: Crafted at Stove.


Ymir's avatar is a Frost Giant wielding an axe.

  • Attack 1 is ...
  • Attack 2 is ...
  • Special attack is an overhead smash with the axe, with a longer charging time. (Added in The Frozen North update)