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Xil the Wanderer is a Tavern patron associated with Jhebbal Sag and his Sacred Hunt event.


Xil the Wanderer is a male human who is closely related to the Jhebbal Sag religion. It only appears inside a functional Tavern (with a manned Tavern Bar). His armor mostly consists of a white fur cape with bones and a skull, and red-colored pieces, being more ceremonial and religious rather than functional.

He teaches the Lure Corruption (Knowledge).


  • It tells the player of the existance of an ancient Jhebbal Sag's champion, who is actually located at the ancient cave in Al-Merayah, whose blood is required to enhance the special lure it teaches.
  • Since it requires a manned Tavern Bar (which needs a Zamorian Barkeeper), a player is required to participate in The Purge event in order to get a chance to find said NPC.



I know a hunter when I see one.
A little respite between kills?


Give me a wild place. Give me a wind whispering deadly secrets in the branches. Give me a gravid moon hanging heavy in a hungry sky, setting my teeth on edge and my toes curling in the clay of blood and soil...
That being said...I'm rather enjoying this warm place to rest and recover. I feel a vague ache and weariness... perhaps it is the climate. I am a stranger in a strange land.
No matter. Let us indulge in libation and palaver.
*sniff* *sniff* *deep sniff* Hmmm. You have a hunger about you... *sniff* ...a hunger not alone of belly-emptiness, but the lust of death-dealing.
I wonder... I wonder if you are on the hunt. I wonder if you seek the sacraments of Jhebbal Sag, to slay his champions and claim his blessing.
*sniff* Ahhh. You are no scavenger, no jackal. You aspire to the apex. You desire the Beast Lord's greatest champion.
Yes, this current grand champion oh Jhebbal Sag is not quite right, are they? Too powerful. Some dark magic possesses them, yes?
I wonder... I wonder at the nature of gods, how growing divinity turns them into a multiplicity -- how each of their extremities might gain agency, like a worm's cloven head becoming two...
Hahahaha...I think these pleasant libations have fogged my mind with philosophizing... though not unpleasantly so.
No doubt, others have offered you advice on how to deal with this corrupted champion. I offer an alternative.
A predator should not only be mighty, but cunning. You could face this possessed champion head on, or you could cleanse it of the corrupting influence.
In a dark, forgotten place, seek out a primeval hyena who walks as a man, one of Jhebbal Sag's first champions. Lure this beast out of its ancient slumber. Use its elder blood to further season your lures. Consuming this mixture will purge the corrupted champion.
I have enjoyed our conversation, in this cozy watering hole. I wish you success on your hunt.


Howls on the wind. Blood on the tongue.