Wooden Rooftop Intersection
Icon tier2 roof sloped top X.png
Wooden Rooftop Intersection
A sloped roof piece
Type BuildingItem
Insulation Type Heat
Health 35000
Max Stack 100
Base Weight Information.png 1.50
ID 90042
Journeyman Roofer
Icon tier2 roof sloped top end.png
Journeyman Roofer
Level 25 Cost 2
Icon t2 foundation.png
Icon tier1 roof sloped top end.png
Icon Blank.png


Sloped rooves are practical in sandstorms as the loose debris simply runs from the roof rather than accumulating. Built of close fitting bricks of cut Stonebrick, reinforced by wooden slats that have been shaped to fit, this will provide a safe haven from the weather and strong front to any foes who come knocking.


Created from the following Recipes Information.png
Hand crafted
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
2 Icon ingredient plank.png  Shaped Wood
4 Icon ingredient iron reinforcement.png  Iron Reinforcement
1 Icon tier2 roof sloped top X.png  Wooden Rooftop Intersection 0.5 s 416


Repairing Wooden Rooftop Intersection requires up to:

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