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Wine Cellar
Wine Cellar 1948.jpg
Map Exiled Lands
Biome Savanna (EL)
Coordinates -237,84
Type Dungeon
Map Icon T Map Icon ruins.png
Faction Relic Hunters
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Unveil the dark secrets of the past unearthed by the greed of the Relic Hunters, who in their rally for treasure awakened a long forgotten civilization better left in the past!

Follow the path unearthed by the Relic Hunters and descend into the ruins of an old city whose inhabitants used to summon and worship something better left unknown. New loot and challenges await for those brave enough to follow the trail down the wine cellar.

~ TestLive Patch - September 26, 2019[1]


The Wine Cellar is a dungeon in Conan Exiles. The dungeon has themes involving stealth and searching for Khari Steel (used to craft the reward items), while fending off hordes of undead. Progressing through the ruins of a Khari city, players eventually face the demon Thag.


Wine Cellar is entered via a door on the back side of the tavern in Sepermeru's Waterside.

Notable NPCs[]





There are a total of 9 Age-worn Scrolls that give an overview of what has happened to the Khari. (listed in chronological order of events. You read them in the cellar in the opposite order.)

3 days after The Fall. The world has stopped shaking. The dust has cleared. We live. But the world we knew is gone. Our city has been swallowed by the earth. Many have died, crushed beneath the rubble. More are wounded and trapped. We hear their screams echoing in the gloom, but we cannot find them. Why has Set abandoned us?
7 days after The Fall. Sanity slowly returns. Those who survived have assembled in the temple district to take stock. All told, over a thousand of us still love. Men, women and children. The event has come to be known as The Fall, which is an apt description for the moment when the earth swallowed our city. We still do not know what we have done to anger the Great Serpent, but the priests are burning sacrifices day and night. Yes, we still live, but there is no light aside from the fire we create ourselves and several species of luminescent fungi. Our survival depends on working together. Khor, who has a reputation as a mystic and a sage, has suggested that we turn to the library for our salvation - pouring over the histories that have survived in search of clues to help with our situation. I know that this is something that I can help with.
33 days after The Fall. As things grow more desperate without, I have found a ray of hope in the writings of the past. Though our candles have long since been burned away, I have taught myself to read in the dim luminescent light of the fungi - and that eerie glow I found a ritual and a name. Thag. The prostrations of the priests have earned us nothing. If our god has turned against us, perhaps it is time for us to summon a new god.
48 days after The Fall. Khor and his advisors are considering the ritual as an alternative. Scouts have been exploring the cavern but their explorations have borne no fruit. We are trapped and our food supplies dwindle. Rumor has it that there are those in the commons who have taken to eating human flesh. Set has truly abandoned us.
57 days after The Fall. Our situation grows ever more desperate. The food is gone. There are no animals left in the city and cannibalism is rampant. Even the rocks have been scraped bare of their lichen. Khor has presented the idea of the ritual to the people - and it did not go well. The people are scared and scared people turn to the gods for help. The priests were only too willing to denounce our apostasy and they have locked the doors of the temple against us. Khor is determined however, and he is not likely to be thwarted.
93 days after The Fall. The ritual will proceed. The only course that remains for us is apostasy. To renounce the god who has abandoned us and seek new allies in the darkness. Khor is confident that he can control whatever the ritual summons. He has demonstrated his powers in the past. The doors of the temple have been shattered and the priests confined to their living quarters. We are prepared.
94 days after The Fall. The ritual has gone wrong. The demon known as Thag has escaped confinement. The screams of the priests echo across the city and the temple has become a slaughterhouse. We are fools. We have locked ourselves in the darkness with a fiend. I want to feel pity for the unsuspecting denizens of the other quarters, but I can only feel a bone-deep fear that settles on my soul. We plan to get out, to find a space outside the limits of the city. Perhaps the demon will tire of the slaughter. Perhaps we will find safety. Perhaps we can find hope.
97 days after The Fall It has hounded us from the city. We are all that remains. Khor believes that he can capture the creature, by reversing the ritual. He needs to return to the temple, through the devastated streets of the city. I wish him well, but I will take my chances here, on the fringes. About half of our party will go with him, while the rest remain here with me. We will pray to Set for his success.
107 days after The Fall. Khor has failed. We thought we knew what darkness was but the shadows we knew were nothing more than the absence of light. This darkness is the end of hope. Thag is coming and we cannot stand against it.. This is the end.


Full Wine Cellar dungeon as seen in TestLive: