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A dry wind sweeps across the desert, stinging your eyes as you stare off into the distance.
~ Dev Blog[1]
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See also: Temperature.

The weather in Conan Exiles is dynamic and unpredictable at best...much like Conan himself. In the first few moments of the game, you awaken to see Conan cut you down from the cross where you have been crucified. You then witness one of the most dangerous forces of nature (Gods aside), the Sandstorm. After being cut down, you watch as Conan walks directly into the sandstorm brewing on the horizon.

The Deep Desert[]

Initially, you are in the deep desert, having been left there crucified on a cross to die. You will not survive long in this environment and must immediately begin making your way towards the more fertile lands where you will find water and are able to scavenge for food in the underbrush to eat. Although a harsh environment, the deep desert is not affected by the Sandstorm.

The Desert[]

If you thought the deep desert was hostile due to its unrelenting heat, then you should fear the great expanse that awaits. Once you cross the vast southern river, you find yourself in an even less forgiving environment. The Great Desert has engulfed much of the exiled land, including the ancient one's great capital city. It is here that the Sandstorms rule. The days are hot, and without water and the proper clothing, no one can survive long. The nights are terribly dark, and just as unrelentingly hot. The rains do not fall here. If you must cross the desert - prepare yourself. If the heat doesn't get you...the hyenas might.

The Jungle: The Lemurian Remnants[]

Jungles...not just hot, but humid. Being surrounded by so much moisture it seems insane, but the humidity causes you to suffer greater thirst here - worse, even than the desert you just fled. Nothing seems worse than dying of thirst while in a rainstorm. Besides the constant rain and increased thirst, the desert and the jungle are much alike; yet the Sandstorm cannot pass the Sandswept Ruins.

North: Heirs to the North[]

Once you pass the threshold, into the Northern will feel the difference. Up until now; cool, loose clothing has aided you well. It will not be so in these lands. Like the jungle, it rains here; but great storms are common. The air is crisp and cold. Once you reach these lands you will want to craft yourself warmer clothing that has the cold resist icon, as opposed to the heat resist icon you should be familiar with. It is also highly suggested that one have the Impervious Vitality perk as it will help to negate the cold nights chill. Sandstorms are unheard of here.

Deep North: The Lost Tribe[]

The North is a vast tundra, littered with pockets of forest groves. It's crisp, cool and aside from the storms, beautifully and brightly lit. Not here...not in the Deep North. Here, the forest is dense and gloomy, sometimes feeling likes it's clouded in a thick fog. It's slightly colder than the tundra itself and the rains still come. Sandstorms are unheard of here.

The Snow: Frost Giants & The Silent Legion[]

Up until now, dealing with the weather has been relative child's play. Dress cool / warm, stay hydrated and avoid the Sandstorms. Here, in these frosted lands, one must go to extremes to survive. While sandstorms are unheard of and the snowstorms that do come don't choke your very life...the cold itself ascends upon you like a white cloaked Angel of Death. To survive these land, one must dress in the warmest of garb and have the Fierce Vitality perk allowing one to slowly regenerate health. Combined with the Impervious perk, it will allow you to survive this uniquely hostile climate.

The Volcano: The Votaries of Skelos & The Well of Skelos[]

Hell... hell on earth - or at least as close as one could imagine. Hot, hot and humid, choking on the sands of the desert, freezing in place; they pale in comparison. Nothing shields you from this heat. It saturates you. It drains your energy with every move you make. To survive here you must maximize on what you have learned up until now. Epic Armor with heat resistance is almost mandatory, although one can get away with the traditional reed armor. Like in the Snow, you must have the Fierce Vitality perk. Also, bring at least two waterskin and at least a stack of ice. If you do these things, you may be able to survive the harshest place in the Exiled Lands.

The Cursewall[]

The Cursewall marks the edge of the Exiled Lands. You cannot pass through it and live...your bracelet forbids it.