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Warmaker Klael
Warmaker Klael
ID: Dialogue_Warmaker_Klael
Temperament Passive
Location(s) Citadel of the Triumvirate, The Unnamed City


Warmaker Klael is non-hostile story character in Conan Exiles. He's one of the last living members of a race of Giant-Kings, who stands outside the Citadel of the Triumvirate at the heart of the Unnamed City. Once the mighty protector of his people, the last living leader of the Giant-Kings tells a story about the war between the Serpent Men, his civilization, and humans.


Warmaker Klael can be found at the following locations:



I smell you, human. The stench of your kind has not improved throughout the aeons.


Ashes and dust, human. Ashes and dust. All that remains of what we once were. An echo of an echo. In my mind, I still walk the streets of our city. The iron scent of blood as I pass the temple of the old serpent. The thrumming power in my veins as I chant the ritual of summoning. The intoxication and ecstacy of knowledge. Ashes and dust.
When the world was shattered, your people came to us as refugees We were generous, we have them the wild north. They built a city there amongst the trees, and practiced weird sciences and worshipped their demon gods. For a thousand years, there was peace and trade among our peoples. But your kind is ever-seeking, ever-grasping, ever-multiplying. War was inevitable and when it came, it was terrible.
I see that you wear the bracelet, human. When the war between our peoples began, we created such to bend the prisoners of war to our bidding. My kind are long lived and slow to replenish our numbers, and as we dwindled in the war, we increasingly came to rely on human prisoners to provide us with labor. To that end, we created the bracelets, to bond your kind, to control your movements, to allow you to understand our language and to prevent your kind from escaping. But that was an aeon ago. To what purpose they have been attuned now... I cannot say.
I was once of the triumvirate that ruled this land. The Archivist concerned himself primarily with the collection of knowledge and the Priestking had dominion over our spirits and the rituals of our faith. My people called me the Warmaker, for it was my duty to keep them safe. And for a while, I did my duty. I held the northern passes against the humans. Together with the Archivist, I established the watch towers to warn us of the coming of the humans. They still burn, human. When their color changes it is because those of your kind have crossed the borders of our kingdom with the intent to slay, burn and kill.
In the end, we were betrayed. During a skirmish in the north, the humans revealed a new weapon forged of their strange science. It smashed through the ranks of my troops, turning those captured in its blast into solid stone. Those who survived fled south to lick our wounds. During this moment of weakness, the Priestking came to me with a proposal. A new ritual to counter the human sciences, a powerful magic to scour the landscape and drive them from our lands. In desperation, I agreed. Do you understand, human? In ages past, this was the most fertile land in our empire. And then I unleashed the Sandstorm. I lost control of it. I betrayed my people to a slow, dwindling doom.
I have been alone in the darkness for a long time, human. Few have come to me over the aeons. But there was a man who came here, years ago. I had not spoken with another being for thousands of years and there was a hunger in me for conversation. He did not wear a bracelet, as you do, so he learned my speech. And he listened to me talk of this city and what it once was. And for a while, as I described it to him, it lived again in my mind. Perhaps I spoke too much. When I told him of the greatest artefact of our religion, the Serpent Ring of Set, he left me to search for it. And now your kind come into my city again, wearing the slave bonds and disturbing the dead. Time has taught me that coincidences are simply patterns that I have not understood yet...