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It is said that nobody is truly home until they have a roof over their head. Across the civilizations of Hyboria, roofs are made from a diverse number of materials - from clay-fired tiles warmed in the kilns of Agarapar, to the roughly thatched roofs of the Nordheimers. In the Exiled Lands, however, materials are limited. Something to keep the sandstorms at bay and the bat demons from swooping down and snatching people while they sleep is probably good enough.

Despite its appearance, it will provide some protection from the elements and the predators that roam the Exiled Lands. Determined foes, however, will find it no barrier.


Created from the following Recipes Information
Construction Hammer
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
3 Icon ingredient hardenedBrick Hardened Brick
2 Icon ingredient plank Shaped Wood
1 Icon ingredient steel reinforcement Steel Reinforcement
1 Icon nemedianruins ceiling 3 shop War Torn Ruins Ceiling (Variant C) 0 s 460

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Repairing War Torn Ruins Ceiling (Variant C) requires up to: