Vulfeles the Hammer
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Vulfeles the Hammer
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Vulfeles the Hammer converted
ID: Forgotten_Tribe_Blacksmith_4_Cimmerian
Type Blacksmith
Use at Blacksmith's Bench
Improved Blacksmith's Bench
Artisan Table
Khitan Artisan Table
Aquilonian Artisan Table
Turanian Artisan Table
Argossean Artisan Table
Increased crafting speed +200%
Initial Stats
Race Cimmerian
Factions Forgotten Tribe
Location Map
Purge Type: Cimmerian Berserkers


Vulfeles the Hammer is a named, Tier 4 Blacksmith NPC of the Forgotten Tribe Faction.


Vulfeles the Hammer can be found at the following locations:



  • Bonus Recipes contains all T1 through T4 recipes at the individual stations.


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