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The Votaries of Skelos are a group that believes they have stumbled upon the legendary Well of Skelos, right in the midst of the Exiled Lands. They devote their time to listening for whispers from the well, in an attempt to further their sorcerous knowledge. Lead by the eponymous Vathis, they dedicate their life to studying the Book of Skelos and guard the well, populated by the last of the serpent-man, with their life. Clad in reptile skin and black, ashen robes in an attempt to cover themselves from the searing heat of the environment, these acolyte-warriors are steeled and await any fool, who happen to find his or her way onto their sacred ground, with their weapons forged from sharp, volcanic glass.


Enemy NPCs of Skelos generally have 750 HP (T4 have 825 e.g. Risa the Brutal), making them the toughest human faction on par with Relic Hunters.

Thralls from this faction are the second strongest in terms of health, surpassed only in terms of T4 and only by Relic Hunters.

  • T1 or Devotee
  • T2: 4500 HP
  • T3: 5250 HP
  • T4: 7425 HP

This faction is spread all across the Volcano and in between several landmarks. Individual groups are hard to pin down apart from coordinates, since they usually fill the passages from one landmark to another. Some groups are passive, but can be turned hostile when attacked by beasts or when beasts belonging to them attack the player.
Their highest concentration can be found at The Well of Skelos, in and around Shrine of the Oracle as well as Terrace of the Tenders.


  • Small camps with strong single enemies make careful pulling an efficient way of dealing with this faction
  • Lava around most camps significantly restricts movement when fighting
  • not a lot of natural cover against archers, which this faction has many high-tier ones of
  • excellent heat protection gear, especially flawless or epic gear becomes mandatory due to stamina drain and Heatstroke
  • Items like Icon black ice 1h battleaxe.png Glacier-Crack, Icon ice.png Ice, Icon carapace shield.png Scorpion Ward or Icon legendary shield 04.png Mistmourn are helpful, especially during fights, as well as 30 points in Vitality due to perks
  • lots of two-handed weapons mean many enemies with hyper-armor require constant dodging instead of interrupts
  • shields can be vital due to the narrow pathways on which has to be fought on
  • very high damage NPCs require both careful planning and low risk plays
  • unlike every other faction, which mostly use provisional items or tools, the worker Thralls of the Votaries of Skelos are equipped with obsidian weapons, making them much more dangerous




Notable NPCs[]

Vathis the Hierophant - Story NPC
Emissary of Haon-Dor - Boss (Fighter), hostile
Emissary of Tsathoggua - Boss (Fighter), hostile
Brood-Guard Assin - Boss (Fighter), hostile
Brood-Guard Issis - Boss (Fighter), hostile
Emissary Atlach-Nacha - Boss (Creature), hostile

Votaries of Skelos has a far above-average spawn rate for named T4 Fighters and Archers, which might be subject to change.

Alchemist Sayd Secretkeeper
Archer Anos Preyfinder Hosth the Venomous Tma the Slithering Vais the Wayfaerer
Armorer Siesse Blacktongue
Blacksmith Secas the Smith
Carpenter Jaes'Pliis
Cook Ennis the Gobbler
Entertainer Syra Brennerhet
Fighter Daicas the Sharp Erii the Ravager Kisthis Fleshtearer Spinas the Marauder
Smelter Hith Silverfinger
Tanner Firis Flickertongue
Taskmaster Risa the Brutal

The Purge only[]

The Purge only.

Alchemist Experimenter Sulis Sajara Snake Fang
Archer Aldia of the Gloom Broodwarden Vaeldis Hakiz the Bane Nessa of the Brood
Armorer Makiela Hide ripper Master Armorer Sasai
Blacksmith Imis Stained Blade Rasis Irongrip
Carpenter Lissi Barkskin Rennis Hammergrip
Cook Bunoab Bloody-Skull Jai'ss the Culinarian
Fighter Broodwarden Raiss Esz of the Brood Ssss Flickertongue Zrist of the Blade
Priest Isthis the Witch
Seer Pilir
Elles the Medium
S'ton the Shaman
Seer Sso
Viis of the Divine Scales
Smelter Master Smelter N'uiss Master Smelter Waas
Tanner Asil Yellow-Fingers Slaid the Scaled
Taskmaster Sirtis the Captor Spris the Fanged

Common Loot[]

Icon coal.png Coal Icon brimstone.png Brimstone Skelos Cult Armors Nordheimer Armors
Icon glass.png Glass Icon crystal.png Crystal Icon obsidian.png Obsidian Icon steel bar.png Steel Bar
Hardened Steel Arrows Ironhead Arrows Razor Arrows Steel Arrows
Icon grease orb.png Grease Orb Icon water orb.png Water Orb Icon gas orb.png Gaseous Orb Icon dying vial black dye.png Black Dye

Signature Weapons[]

Signature Armor[]