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Suggested Levels 50-60
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The Volcano is one of the biomes in Conan Exiles.


The following locations can be found within the Volcano biome:

Camps Caves & Dungeons Ruins & Vistas
Dungeon The Well of Skelos
Vista Bridge of Voormithadreth
Vista Path of the Penitent
Vista Road of the Pilgrim
Ruins Road of the Righteous
Ruins Shrine of the Oracle
Vista Terrace of the Tenders
Vista The Hidden Way
Vista The Pens
Ruins The Shattered Stairs
Ruins Walkway of the Devout


The following creatures can be found in the Volcano Biome:


There are numerous lava flows found around the volcano.

Against players and enemies, lava will inflict 57 damage per second.

Followers are immune to lava damage. If a player rides a mount over lava, the player will still take damage, and the mount will not.