Vathis the Hierophant

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Vathis the Hierophant
Vathis the Hierophant
Type Fighter T4
Icon Icon thrall warrior t1.png
Temperament Passive
Faction Votaries of Skelos
Location(s) Shrine of the Oracle

Description[edit | edit source]

Vathis the Hierophant is the leader of the Votaries of Skelos.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Vathis the Hierophant can be found at the following locations:

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

I was a scholar vizier to a king of ophir

A royal commission and a round belly

Nevermind my past. Calamity put me on the road, and I lost all things in these Exiled Lands.

I wandered north past fertile highlands

Past frozen slopes all the way to the caldera of the volcano

Its time-gnawed ruins piqued my curiosity

Here I found the Well

Here I founded my cult

And here I remain until I puzzle out the secret to escaping this prison.

When I realized the voices in the well were the key to earthly salvation,

I cast off my earthly possessions

I shed my old life like an old skin

I recruited followers. The devout became the Votaries of Skelos

Amid cyclopean ruins we live and study

Every night we march in a line, robe-cloaked and torch-bearing

Every night, we cast our offerings into the well

We listen

Only I have glimpse the book of skelos

Only my tongue knows the forked past

Only i can translate the hissing whispers in the dark

The voices in the well enlighten

Someday soon I will puzzle out their riddles and escape these Exiled Lands

At the volcano’s heart I found a well

Down it extended, down into darkness infinite

All through the night I sat by the well

I heard sibilant voices from below. Such voices!

They crooned in the dim tongues

I half-remembered from my glimpse into the Book of Skelos so many years ago

But an unprepared pilgrim must never approach the well

Its nighted cadence would flay your soul

A pilgrim understands, yes?

Only the worthy of Skelos may approach the well

But for a courteous pilgrim, I could serve as intermediary

In my youth, I happened upon a BoS

The tome sought after by many and many a sorcerer

In its pages I glimpsed the nameless sagas

I sounded the grim grammar that enslaves the elements

Occasions the dead to rise

And summons demons from the outer dark

In its pages, I spied the graveyard of the universe

Through the gulfs of space and wells of night.

In its pages I gazed into the pits of Arallu

In its verses I saw the Chaos that Crawls.

I enunciated a single syllable of the True name of Tsathoggua!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Cannot be attacked
  • Cannot be killed/knocked out
  • As of the 10/12/2018 patch, he can no longer be engaged in combat, and thus cannot be tamed or killed. Prior to this patch, he was one of the strongest Fighter thralls available, with 6150 HP, and a fixed-location guaranteed spawn. Previously tamed or knocked out Vathis' continue to function as Thralls as of the current build.
  • As of the 02/03/2019 patch Vathis will no longer spawn as female.