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When I start a new game and enter the old coordinates, I arrive exactly at the beginning of the hall and get the map marker unlocked, so why was the old one not good enough? The coordinates are for the map location, not for a boss, chest or item. If you arrive at New Luxur and follow the way over the Chamber of Sacraments and up the ramps to enter the Chamber of Scales, you get the location unlocked, which are the coordinates given. So it makes little to no sense to specify the location at the end of the Chamber behind a pillar or similar.

In addition, all the coordinates in interactive maps out there would have to be changed because of 15 meters further behind a pillar.

So if you prefer your coordinates because you can then teleport to the headless boss undisturbed, that's nice, but it doesn't have much to do with unlocking the map location and the given coordinates. And if you use the admin mode to teleport anyway, you might as well cloak yourself. ;)

Edit: But feel free to enter these coordinates to Siptah's Journal #14 ( because that's what you really mean.

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I don't understand why my edit, which would put you literally standing on the item without incurring agro was not good enough, while the ones you reverted to have you looking around for it, and it agros the mobs and Judge at the same time, was just "fine".