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  • Go Home = N/A
  • Toggle main Menu = Press Options and select exit to main menu
  • Auto Run, N/A
  • Adjust Pitch = Decrease L2, Increase R2
  • Adjust Tilt = Tilt Left L2, Tilt Right R2
  • Exit building Mode = Circle
  • Dismantle = Hold Square, Move cursor with left stick to dismantle and press X
  • Take all = Triangle (No Drop all option)
  • Hotbar Slot = Highlight item, Hold L1 Move cursor with left stick and press X to anchor, To remove item, Be out of menu highlight the item with cursor and press Square.
  • Drag item = Highlight item with cursor Press X, Highlight new spot and press X, Pop up menu will ask how many to move if there are multiple Items,
  • Move item = Highlight item press R2 (Moves all items in stack)
  • Loot all = Triangle
  • Toggle Player list = Press options and select player list in the menu press X
  • There is no Global Chat on console all chat options are through the console messaging and party chat options provided on the console.
  • Combat stance, N/A
  • Zoom, N/A
  • Vanity Cam, N/A :(
  • Toggle GUI = PS Button
  • Open Location Window, N/A
  • Toggle Fullscreen, N/A
  • Capture Options, Share Button (single press)
  • Screenshot Option, Share Button (single press)
  • Capture options are built into the PS Share function, pressing the share button allows for multiple uses, Pressing triangle saves screenshot of what was on screen when share was pressed, Pressing Square saves video, Length depends on users settings.