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A list of useful links for Conan Exiles.


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Looking for group
See the General subsection for its Discord.



See also: TestLive, High Priority Community Issue Overview.

  • End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Technical guides
  • Downloadable Content (See the FYI at the top)
  • Issues reported during weekends or holidays will be looked into asap once over.
  • Developers, CMs (PR) and forum moderators (volunteers) should not be directly contacted for in-game issues unless otherwise noted.
  • Only contact Funcom itself for questions or issues concerning the company itself.
    Unlike Funcom's older MMO's, Conan Exiles does not use the ticketing system (e-mail).
  • If you receive real-life threats, contact your local agency.




Official servers
Automatically detected. You don't need to report these.
  • Other:
See Terms of Service above.

Dedicated servers
Contact the host, for instance G-portal or LOW.MS
  • Other:
Discuss with player/clan. Otherwise, contact the admin.
Dedicated server admins have full ownership of their server.
Rules and use of admin powers are theirs to choose.
Funcom Forums
DM AndyB. Note, some permissions are locked for new users.
New users should upload files using e.g. Imgur.
  • Other:
Flag the post. For DMs, DM a moderator.

Steam - PlayStation - Xbox
  • Refunds:
Steam - PlayStation Store - Microsoft Store


  • Community maps
  • To get multiple save files, you are able to rename your save folder in your directory. The game will not use anything not exactly named "Saved" as a folder name.
Alternatively, there is a tool: Mikey's Toolbox (Tutorial series)
This tool allows for multiple single-player savegames and multiple characters inside the same savegame (single-player only).[1][2]
Plan your feats, attributes and gear with this handy site.
Math learning app for patterns and shapes.
Use the free download. This build planner was originally used for Rust.


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