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Then he stumbled over a corpse, and a bludgeon knocked the dented helmet from his head; the next instant the club fell full on his unprotected skull.
~ The Hour of the Dragon

Used by watchmen and criminals alike, the truncheon is designed for incapacitating enemies without killing them.

Shemitish slavers have been known to waylay travelers leaving taverns in the meadowland cities and expertly knocking them out. The poor wretches awaken the next day in a wagonful of other captives with sore heads, on their way to the slave markets of the east.

It takes a great deal of experimentation to understand how to hit an enemy just hard enough to knock them out without smashing their skull.


Concussive Weapons and Kits
Name Light
Level Can use
Icon truncheon Truncheon 15 20 10 No
Icon blunted javelin Blunted Javelin 20 20 21 No
Icon truncheon iron Iron Truncheon 25 30 30 No
Icon legendary mace 02 Lovetap 30 45 Found Yes
Icon truncheon steel Steel Truncheon 35 40 50 No
Icon truncheon steel Reinforced Steel Truncheon 40 45 Found No
Icon truncheon steel Coup de Grace 40 45 Found No
Icon truncheon steel Szeth's Truncheon 45 50 Found No
Icon truncheon steel Heavy-weight Truncheon 50 55 Found No
Icon blunt arrow Blunted Arrow 55 55 35 Yes
File:Icon a03c1 khitaislaver 1h truncheon.png The Tiger's Truncheon 90 120 Bought Yes
Icon purple lotus orb Purple Lotus Orb 25 /second 10 No
Icon modkit wpn increaseConcussDamage t1 Simple Blunted Weapon Fitting +10 +20 26 -
Icon modkit wpn increaseConcussDamage t2 Blunted Weapon Fitting +20 +40 39 -
Icon modkit wpn increaseConcussDamage t3 Advanced Blunted Weapon Fitting +30 +60 51 -
Icon OilOfConcussion Oil of Concussion +100 +100 0 -
Lethal Concussive Weapons
Icon stone club-1 The Wyrd 20 20 Found Yes
Icon legendary pike 05 Staff of Hanuman 25 25 Found No
Icon legendary hammer 04 Baal-pteor's Lodestone 30 45 Found No
Icon legendary mace 05 Universal Mace 43 47 0 Yes
Icon menagerie mace Voidforge Mace 43 47 Found Yes


Created from the following Recipes Information
Hand crafted
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
5 Icon branch Branch
5 Icon plant fiber-1 Plant Fiber
8 Icon leather Leather
1 Icon truncheon Truncheon 3 s 36

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Repairing Truncheon requires up to:


The Truncheon can be dismantled using the Icon Crafting Dismantler Dismantling Bench or the Icon crafting dismantler t2 Improved Dismantling Bench to recover the following materials: