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Trebuchet Base
Trebuchet Base
A rotating base for a trebuchet
Type BuildingItem
Health 5000
Container Size 15
Base Weight Information.png 50.00
ID 89811
ID 89801
Level 25 Cost 3
Icon Foundation-1.png Icon woodworking bench.png Icon Blank.png
Icon trebuchet foundation.png Siege Foundation
A foundation for building siege equipment
Crafted at Any carpenter's bench
Icon trebuchet base.png Trebuchet Base
A rotating base for a trebuchet
Crafted at Any carpenter's bench
Icon trebuchet frame.png Add Trebuchet Frame
A wooden frame for a trebuchet
Crafted at Trebuchet Base
Icon trebuchet.png Add Trebuchet Arm
A siege engine for hurling heavy loads
Crafted at Trebuchet Frame
Icon siege boulder.png Siege Boulder
Ammunition for the trebuchet
Crafted at Trebuchet


On the landward side mangonels rained boulders and tree-trunks among the defenders, shattering through roofs and crushing humans like beetles; rams pounded incessantly at the stones; sappers burrowed like moles in the earth, sinking their mines beneath the towers.
~ The Scarlet Citadel

This base piece of the trebuchet, once placed on a siege foundation, can be upgraded with a frame to reach full functionality.

In the so-called civilized kingdoms of Hyboria, nobles build great palaces with walls of mighty stone to protect themselves from their enemies at court and abroad.

The solution to sturdy walls and cowardly nobility is the steadfast trebuchet. A machine of immense power, the trebuchet can be used to fling stones, corpses and even specially designed explosives.

Their weakness is their immobility, they cannot be easily moved once placed and finding the correct range and angle requires time and patience. With repeated use, it is almost certain that some or all of the pieces of the trebuchet will degrade and need to be replaced.


Created from the following Recipes Information.png
Carpenter's Bench, Improved Carpenter's Bench,
Trade Carpenter's Bench, Precision Carpenter's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
500 Icon wood-1.png Wood
150 Icon stone-1.png Stone
1 Icon trebuchet base.png Trebuchet Base 30 s 1300


Recipes: Tier 2
Outcoming item Ingredients Information.png Craft time Information.png Experience
1 Icon trebuchet frame.png Trebuchet Frame 500 Icon wood-1.png Wood
150 Icon stone-1.png Stone
30 min 1300


Repairing Trebuchet Base requires up to: