Tormentor Regan
Icon thrall taskmaster.png
Tormentor Regan
Tormentor Regan converted
ID: TasterPernaddun
Type Taskmaster
Use at Lesser Wheel of Pain
Wheel of Pain
Greater Wheel of Pain
Torturer's Worktable
Specialization Driver
Increased crafting speed +300%
Initial Stats
Race Cimmerian
Factions Forgotten Tribe
Location Purge Type: The Forgotten Clan
Purge Type: A clan of Cimmerian beast-tamers


Tormentor Regan is a named, Tier 4 Taskmaster NPC of the Forgotten Tribe Faction.


Tormentor Regan can be found at the following locations:


  • Due to an error in the spawndatatable, this NPC can be spawned by using the id in the infobox rather than his proper id (which spawns a named cook).  Hopefully, this will be corrected in a future patch.

Bonus Recipes


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