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Exiled Lands[]

  • Some unknown beings were present and constructed the Circle of Swords.[1]
  • The Giant-kings arrive. They build a city in the fertile lands north of the desert.
  • The serpent-men arrive and befriend the Giant-kings while secretly plotting to overthrow them, giving them the Staff of the Triumvirate, actually an avatar of Nyarlathotep,[2] as a gift.[3] They take the volcano and build a subterranean city.[4] The serpent-men possibly introduced the Giant-kings to Set and the Old Serpent became their god.
  • The Lemurian Remnants, led by the Witch Queen, arrive and befriend the Giant-kings, together creating the bracelets to communicate,[4] move about the empire, and utilize lorestones.[5] They are given land in the wild north,[6] then they also take the east coastline.[4]
  • The Disjunction is opened and the frost giants arrive.[7] They take the northwest.
  • The map-room is designed to make use of the bracelet's power of movement.[8]
  • The Lemurians reproduce too quickly and outgrow their territory, causing concern with the Giant-kings. They send scouts to search for new fertile land north of the Giant-king's territory, but discover the serpent-men.[4]
  • The Lemurians demand the Giant-kings break off their alliance with the serpent-men and stay out of the way while the humans eradicate them, but the Giant-kings refuse and this starts the war.[4]
  • Xullan is constructed to put a barrier between the Giant-kings and the serpent-men.[4]
  • Tyros the Deathbringer, the half-human son of the Priestking, leads the army of the Giant-kings, but, after taking Xullan, falls in love with Telith,[9] the daughter of the Witch Queen, and they produce a son, Xalthar.[5]
  • The Staff of the Triumvirate advises the Priestking to use the Diadem of the Giant-kings to curse Tyros and his men,[3] creating the Silent Legion.[10] This foolish act solidifies Tyros as an enemy of the Giant-kings and he kills his father in battle.[11]
  • The humans reproduce so much faster than the Giant-kings and use powerful magic to devastate their army.[4] In response, the Staff advises the Warmaker to summon the sand elemental to wipe away the Lemurians,[3] but the Lemurian priest, Petruso, sacrifices his freedom and sanity to bind the sand elemental in a time loop that causes it to infinitely repeat its path through the Exiled Lands, utterly destroying the fertile land and replacing it with desert.[12]
  • The Staff advises the Archivist to activate the curse wall, trapping the humans inside.[3]
  • The Lemurians offer a peace talk, so the Archivist meets with the Witch Queen at the Circle of Swords to negotiate, but it was a ruse and he is betrayed and murdered there.[11]
  • The Giant-kings were defeated, with Warmaker Klael as the only survivor.[6] The Staff was recognized as an enemy and inscribed with the word BETRAYER[13] before being chucked into the sewers.[3]
  • The Khari, enemies of the Giant-kings who had been warring against their empire outside the Exiled Lands, arrived and built a settlement in the west. The Khari adopted Set as their god because they felt the Old Serpent had abandoned his worshippers in the Giant-kings.[14]
  • An earthquake sunk the Khari city into the earth and everyone was killed when Khor believed Set to have abandoned the Khari too and summoned Thag as a replacement.[15]
  • After Khari finished conquering the Giant-kings' empire, they settled along the Nilus River, which they referred to as River Styx, and so became known as Stygians. The Stygians continued to worship Set. [14]
  • Thoth-Amon, evil sorcerer ally of King Ctesphon of Stygia,[16] discovers the Exiled Lands and steals the Serpent Ring of Set from tombs under the Unnamed City, allowing him to gain control over the bracelets.[6]
  • Thoth-Amon knows there are other powerful magical artefacts in the Exiled Lands and begins using the land as a prison where he can toss anyone he finds inconvenient and wait for them to uncover the artefacts.
  • Many exiles arrive and divide into factions, building camps across the land.
  • Razma of Shem, a member of royalty and an enemy of Thoth-Amon, is captured and exiled too.[5]
  • Conan discovers the Exiled Lands and rescues Razma.[17]
  • Razma wanders until she discovers the Mask of the Witch Queen, when she put it on, she is possessed by the spirit of the Witch Queen.[5]
  • Conan rescues some more exiles from their crosses, and when they speak with him later, he asks them to look for Razma.[17]
  • After an exile defeats the spirit of the Witch Queen, Razma returns to Sepermeru.
  • A king, indebted to Thoth-Amon, sells his daughter to the sorcerer to settle his debts. She is thrown into the Exiled Lands.[18]
  • Kurak, a powerful serpent-man[19] sorcerer and servant to Nyarlathotep,[20] arrives in the Exiled Lands - possibly via time travel, and begins recruiting followers, granting them some of his power.[21]
  • Mek-kamoses, an exiled sorcerer and rival of Thoth-Amon, attempts to thwart Kurak and takes the exiled princess captive to serve as a ritual sacrifice.[18]
  • Other exiles are recruited by Mek-kamoses to assist him, and they try to stop Kurak's ritual, but Kurak arranged for everything to happen as it did and, with his name written in the Book of Azathoth, his death is his success.[22]
  • Conan attacks Mek-kamoses and rescues the princess. She decides to follow him rather than attempt to return home to her father who sold her.[18]
  • King Ctesphon begins invading the Exiled Lands with his army to increase his wealth.[23]