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Thoth Amon of the Black Ring is the man who created the Exiled Lands.

During one of his journeys seeking sorcerous knowledge, he stumbled upon the Unnamed City and, befriending the lone survivor, Warmaker Klael, he soon learned of the powerful artefacts contained beneath the city.

Exploring the ruins, he found the Serpent Ring of Set, and the slave bracelets of the Giant-kings. In his twisted mind, a plan began to form. A deal was struck with King Cstephon of Stygia. Thoth Amon would provide the bracelets and a place where the political and ideological enemies of the king could be exiled forever (but kept alive as a contingency for the future) and in return, King Cstephon would provide troops to occasionally ride through the Exiled Lands and collect any artifacts that the poor unfortunates had obtained.

This then was the founding of the Exiled Lands and the Purge, though over the years the deal has altered and Thoth Amon has extended his offer to other rulers across the world (without the knowledge of King Cstephon, naturally).

Thoth Amon has moved further and further from the concerns of the worldly - he no longer deals personally with the affairs of the Exiled Lands. Instead, he sends his enforcer, the Servant of the Ring to deal with any major problems.

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