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Thirst is a survival mechanic in Conan Exiles.

It is indicated by a green meter under the health bar depicting a droplet symbol.


At default settings, the thirst meter will drop by 1 every 12 seconds. While on claimed land, each tick takes ten times longer. While suffering from temperature debuffs, this is reduced by 50%, but can be countered by the Expertise perk, Survivalist.

A character will receive three warning messages prior to dehydration:

  • 24 — Your throat feels dry...
  • 9 — You begin to feel dizzy from thirst...
  • 1 — You must drink soon

At 0, the player will suffer the Thirsty debuff, losing 7 health every 10 seconds.


Thirst can be quenched in a variety of ways, the easiest is to interact with the ground within a few meters of water. Without a body of water, though, the following will help you decide between carry weight and source duration for portable water.

Water Sources
Item Thirst
Weight Thirst Quenched
per unit Weight
per unit
Duration Source
Icon purified water Purified Water 35 0.1 350 1 50 Stove
Icon berryjuice desert Desert Berry Pulp 12 0.02 600 1 1000 20 Minutes Fluid Press
Icon berryjuice highlands Highland Berry Pulp 12 0.02 600 1 1000 20 Minutes Fluid Press
Icon fat grub Fat Grub 5 0.1 50 1 50 10 Minutes Compost Heap
Icon water skin Sealed Waterskin 25 1.12 223 10 1 Hand Crafted
Icon water skin Improved Waterskin 35 5.5 79.5 12.5 1 Artisan Table
Icon water skin Deep drink Waterskin 25 2 250 20 1 Hanuman's Grotto
Icon water skin epic Khari Waterskin 50 2 625 25 1 Wine Cellar

When filled to 100, the character will receive a ten-minute bonus, indicated by a green outline around the border of the meter, where the meter will stay at 100 and they will receive a 5% bonus to their maximum stamina.

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