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The Temple of Frost
The Temple of Frost Location.jpg
Map Exiled Lands
Biome Snow
Coordinates -122,-240
Type Capital
Map Icon T Map Icon capital frost giant.png
Faction Frost Giants
Mini T Map Icon capital frost giant.png


Located in the Frozen North, this temple has shining floors and walls made of ancient ice and is the home of several Frost Giants, including Hrungnir of the Frost and the Frost Giant Smith.


  • In front of the entrance on the right side of this temple is a Vanir totem that teaches the recipe for totems.
  • Throughout the area, you will need T tooltip coldIcon.pngcold resistant gear to handle the freezing, or temperature raising consumables like Icon spiced soup.png Spiced Soup.
  • Scattered throughout the dungeon are Icon black ice.png Black Ice nodes, recipes and loot chests.
  • Before you can learn the black ice Frost Smithing feat, you must first learn the Hardened Steel Tools feat.



When you enter the temple, to the right of the two Frost Giants is a recipe stone that teaches the following emotes:

Continue down into the temple, encountering several more giants, with two chests under the stairs, until you reach a 3-way intersection:

The Forge of Ymir[]

Following the left path you will find The Forge of Ymir which includes:

The Disjunction[]

Following the right path you will find The Disjunction which includes:

The Throne Room[]

Following the center path you will find the throne room which includes:

(1) Requires the Hardened Steel Tools feat.