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The Surge is a gameplay mechanic.


After a storm has passed, a mighty surge of power erupts from the Tower of Siptah. The tower lights up and a massive portal opens above it. Vicious tentacles emerge from the ominous portal, sowing terror in the hearts of all who are near.

Surges are the only source of thralls on the Isle of Siptah and you will need to defeat them in combat and break their will on the wheel of pain before they can serve as your fighters or crafters. There may be a way for you to use the dark power of the portal to your own advantage. Explore and master the secrets of the island and you will be able to take control of the surges and use them for your own benefit.

In you hunt for thralls and hunger to control the magical surges, you must remember to protect yourself against other players, especially on PvP servers. Or perhaps you prefer to let others do the work for you, and instead attack ferociously after a rival clan has successfully controlled a surge and try to steal the thralls from under their noses?

Your choices will determine who will gain dominance over the Isle of Siptah. Who will have thralls to craft the most powerful recipes and who can call the most powerful warrior thralls to aid them in combat.

As you fight your way through the vaults, the storm and through the surges, one thing is for certain – Conan Exiles is more brutal than ever before!

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Starting a Surge[]

A surge can be triggered by crafting a Icon surge containment shield.png Focus Altar at one of the three operational Leyshrines for 10 Icon hardened steel bar.png Hardened Steel Bars. For more powerful surges, the focus altar can be charged using ????.

Icon essence lesser.png Lesser ???? grants 1 Icon swirling chaos.png Swirling Chaos.

Icon essence stable.png Unstable ???? grants 2 Icon swirling chaos.png Swirling Chaos.

Icon essence greater.png Greater ???? grants 50 Icon swirling chaos.png Swirling Chaos.

Icon shining essence.png Shining ???? grants 100 Icon swirling chaos.png Swirling Chaos.

Surges have 4 levels of charge and a calamity that can happen if the altar is overcharged.

Level 1 = 10 Swirling Chaos needed

Level 2 = 200 Swirling Chaos needed

Level 3 = 400 Swirling Chaos needed

Level 4 = 1,000 Swirling Chaos needed

Calamity = 1,000+, with chance increasing with more overcharge.

When started, a surge will spawn groups of thralls on the triangle platforms outside the leyshrine, until a special end boss enemy spawns.

Leyshrine Surges[]

List of Surges[]


  • Each surge will include Veteran thralls that cannot be knocked out and may also have animals. Come prepared.
  • The thralls spawned from the different focus altars corresponds with their location in the Exiled Lands (Nordheimers and Cimmerians in the north, Black Hand north-east, Lemurians east, Relic Hunters west, Darfari in the south and Dogs of the Desert in the center).
  • Calamities will only spawn animals, undead, lizardmen or bat demons depending on type. Generally not worth the resources to summon them.
  • Thralls from the surges will (depending on the surge) wear uniquely colored armor. The Amazons, for example, use a yellow version of the Darfari Skin armor set. This is a unique armor set and not simply one that has been dyed, although it has similar if not the same stats as the original.
  • Similar to the armor, some thralls, for example Manhunters and Amazons, come with permanent warpaints. These are unique white versions of functional warpaints and do not give attribute bonuses. Applying a different warpaint will cause this warpaint to be permanently removed, being replaced with the new one and reverting to bare skin when that wears off.