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The Sunken City
Map Exiled Lands
Biome Jungle
Coordinates 354,142
Type Dungeon
Map Icon T Map Icon ruins.png
Faction Lemurians
Mini T Map Icon ruins.png

Fight your way through the secrets within the Sunken City, where a Great Old One is about to tear through the membrane of reality and unleash a new age of horror upon the known world. If saving the world isn’t your thing, there’s also new loot and recipes worthy of the Deep Ones!
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The Sunken City is a dungeon in Conan Exiles.


The Sunken City can be entered by interacting with a small rowboat on the Northwest shore of Dagon's Embrace. TeleportPlayer 354007, 141782, -20106


  • There are several neutral NPC Prisoners and Starving Prisoners in the final temple who will help you fight the Deep Ones if you release them.
  • While exploring the Sunken City (anywhere underwater), the player is able to drink water out of thin air by simply pressing the interaction button.
  • The Sunken City is affected by the Sandstorm.
  • There are seven temples under the water and one on the island.
  • Many hostiles in the Sunken City drop Scales of Dagon, necessary for crafting many of the items learned here.
  • After defeating the Ritual Keeper, two portals open at either side of the final temple. The left portal (from the entrance) leads to The Sentinels. The right portal leads back into Dagon's Embrace.
  • The Ritual Keeper is the only boss you must kill to complete the dungeon.
    • You can leave this dungeon via the boat at the entry point.




Several Dungeon Bosses are located here.

The Watcher Above[]

The Watcher Above is a Cultist of Dagon in Lemurian Royal Armor and wielding an axe. On an altar near his location is the feat Ancient Lemurian Axe.

The Captain Below[]

The Captain Below is a Cultist of Dagon in Lemurian Warrior Armor. On an altar near his location is a Lorestone teaching Ancient Lemurian Sword and Ancient Lemurian Shield.

The Ritual Keeper[]

The Ritual Keeper is a Cultist of Dagon in Lemurian Royal Armor and wielding daggers. To the right of the portal where Dagon's head appears is a Lorestone teaching Daggers of Dagon.


Today is the Day that the prophecy comes to its inevitable conclusion. A Redeemer comes to destroy the aging remnants of a dying people. You come to free me, Redeemer