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See also: The Passage (Exit).

The Passage
The Passage.jpg
Map Exiled Lands
Biome Jungle
Coordinates 168,-2
Type Dungeon
Map Icon T Map dungeonIcon.png
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The Passage is a location in Conan Exiles. It is a tunnel through a large cave that leads to the Snow biome at coordinates (14, -91), to the north of and down the cliff from Bin-Yakin's Seal.


  • The Sand Reaper Hive Queen (Boss) can be found in the central region of this dungeon.
  • There are a number of patches of Icon crystal.png Crystal in this dungeon, that can be harvested.
  • Red Widow Spiders and Grey Spiders reside in the main chamber.


  • This place was likely a shortcut used by the Lemurians and the Witch Queen to scout and assault the northern reaches of the Exiled Lands in the distant past.
  • It is showing its age: the road through has collapsed into the cavern below and the jungle entrance has had its lower level flooded.
  • How the shipwrecks got into this cave is a mystery. Perhaps the shipwrecks could be from the arrival of the Lemurians at the time after the great cataclysm, when the water level was therefore still very high. Which is why the northern part of the jungle is more like a swamp and therefore also called "swungle".[citation needed]