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The Nemedian
The Nemedian
An old, battered helm of Nemedian make
Type Armor
Grade Legendary
Armor Type Medium
Base Armor Information.png 88
Base Durability Information.png 1800
Base Weight Information.png 9.92
ID 92088


The last glints of the sun shone on the golden banner of Nemedia with the scarlet dragon, unfurled in the breeze above the pavilion of King Tarascus on an eminence near the eastern cliffs. But the shadow of the western cliffs fell like a vast purple pall across the tents and the army of Aquilonia, and upon the black banner with its golden lion that floated above King Conan's pavilion.
~ The Hour of the Dragon

This helmet, battered as it may be, provides ample protection. In addition, while worn, it will repair any wielded weapon each time you take damage.


  • An old, battered helm of Nemedian make has the Legendary, Medium, Armor, and "Karmic" tags. Karmic likely alludes to this helm's special function.
  • Upon being hit, the Nemedian will lose 1 durability while restoring 6 durability to any weapon (including Legendary weapons) equipped in your right hand at that time. With a durability of 1800, this helm can effectively repair up to 10800 durability to weapons held. If a thrall is wearing this helmet while taking damage, their equipped weapon will be repaired without damaging The Nemedian's durability.
  • The helm must be worn and the weapon must be equipped while being struck in order to repair the weapon. Torches, bindings, shields, left hand throwing weapons, and completely broken weapons cannot be repaired.
  • Taking damage from temperature effects, toxic gas, poison, bleed, etc. will repair 3 points without damaging the helmet's durability.
  • This ability does not stack with the repair ability of the Godbreaker Boots.
  • Put the helmet on a thrall, then force your weapon into it's hand, make sure it is following you and punch the thrall to quickly repair your weapon without damaging the helmet.


May be looted from The End of All Hope located at the rear of Skittering Cavern in the Exiled Lands or just north of the Gates of X'chotl (North) on the Isle of Siptah.


This item can be repaired with a Icon repair kit armor legendary.png Legendary Armor Patch Kit.