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The Maelstrom is a gameplay mechanic.


The center of the isle is dominated by Siptah’s Tower and a terrifying portal looming above it. After arriving on the island you will bear witness to the brutal storm known as the Maelstrom. A swirling mass of destruction that explodes from the tower at semi-regular intervals, the Maelstrom is the power that fuels all conflict on the Isle of Siptah.

If you venture within the vast maelstrom and its circle of devastation you will attract horrors from the outer void. These unspeakable monsters flicker across the boundary between universes, which is thinnest when the Maelstrom rages. They are the mighty Lloigor, swarming Mi-go, terrifying Shaggai, hulking Kr’llyandian and many more. Building within the storm’s reach will also attract the monsters, and cause them to tear down your buildings, and the bigger you build the bigger monsters you will draw.

Though threatening and dangerous you want to seek out and destroy the horrors in the maelstrom, as they hold one of the keys to the many mysteries of the island.

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