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The Keystone
The Keystone
A keystone that unlocks the bracelet
Type Material
Max Stack 100
Base Weight Information.png 0.50
ID 15517


This keystone, created through a ritual, contains the essence of the artefacts that were used to create the slave bracelets of the Giant-kings.

It can be used to remove a slave bracelet from one who is exiled. This is an extremely powerful artefact and must be used with caution. Simply use the item to remove the bracelet.



Siptah Keystone.png
  • The Keystone may be used anywhere on the Exiled Lands map.
  • The cutscene displays the Cursewall that surrounds the Exiled Lands, the player's hotbar and status effects.
  • In multi-player
    • the cutscene will show static versions of other characters, who are also exiting the Exiled Lands, on the edge of the map.
    • the edge of the map can be seen after the cutscene, often with a weapon or other character remaining; sometimes floating.
  • The Clan Leader notice will phase the player back into the game world, behind the village in the eastern part of the Desert at the edge of the map. The player is able to open the Clan settings in order to leave the clan.
  • Resetting your character removes your ownership of buildings and thralls.
    • If you were in a clan and are invited back in, you recover your ownership, except for Thralls.[citation needed]


The Keystone must be crafted at the Altar of Chaosmouth1 with the six artifacts:

n Artefact Boss Location Map
1 1a Jagged Scourgestone Piece
Icon jagged scourgestone piece.png
Giant Crocodile
Giant Crocodile 02.jpg

The Icon yellow lotus potion.png Yellow Lotus Potion wisp2 also leads here.[citation needed]

Gallaman's Tomb
Gallaman's Tomb Entrance 01.jpg
T Map caveIcon.png
1b Shattered Scourgestone Piece
Icon shattered scourgestone piece.png
Gall o' the Spear-din
Gall O' The Spear-Din.png
or Hekkr Waverunner
Hekkr Waverunner.jpeg

The Icon yellow lotus potion.png Yellow Lotus Potion wisp2 also leads here.[citation needed]

Captain's Quarters
Captain's Quarters 01.jpg
T Map Icon camp black hand.png
1c Broken Scourgestone Piece
Icon broken scourgestone piece.png
Sand Reaper Hive Queen (Boss)
Sand Reaper Hive Queen Passage.jpg

The Icon yellow lotus potion.png Yellow Lotus Potion wisp2 also leads here.[citation needed]

The Passage
The Passage.jpg
T Map dungeonIcon.png
  Heart of the Sands (Scourgestone)
Icon scourgestone.png
Petruso the Sandstorm Maniac
(Trading in 1a, 1b and 1c)

The Icon yellow lotus potion.png Yellow Lotus Potion wisp2 also leads here.

Sandswept Ruins
Sandswept 1.jpg
T Map Icon ruins.png
2 Tears of Two Races
Icon tears of two races.png
The Kinscourge
Kinscourge 1.png

The Icon white lotus potion.png Frost Lotus Potion wisp2 also leads here.

The Black Keep
T Map dungeonIcon.png
3 The Shining Trapezohedron
Icon The Shining Trapezohedron.png
The Degenerate
The Degenerate 1.jpg

The Icon golden lotus potion.png Golden Lotus Potion wisp2 also leads here.

The Well of Skelos
Well of Skelos 2.jpg
T Map dungeonIcon.png
4 Star of the Champion
Icon Star of the Champion.png
Undead Dragon
Undead Dragon1.png

The Icon grey lotus potion.png Grey Lotus Potion wisp2 also leads here.

The Sinkhole
Arena Pit Stone Image.png
T Map Icon ruins.png
5 Mask of the Witch Queen
Icon mask of the witch queen.png
The Witch Queen
The Witch Queen close.jpg

The Icon purple lotus potion.png Purple Lotus Potion wisp2 also leads here.

Palace of the Witch Queen
Conan Exiles Super-Resolution 2018.05.10 -
T Map dungeonIcon.png
6 Diadem of the Giant-kings
Icon diadem of the giant-kings.png
The King Beneath
Barrow king 4.jpg

The "Crimson Lotus Potion"[citation needed] wisp2 also leads here.

The Barrow King
Barrow king 1.jpg
T Map caveIcon.png
1: The Icon black lotus potion.png Black Lotus Potion wisp2 also leads to the Altar of Chaosmouth.
2: Has a random chance of appearing when drinking the specified potion. The flower for each potion can usually be found nearby as plant or loot item.[1][2] Nunu the Cannibal has dialogue which hints at this feature.


When The Keystone is used, it triggers a notice:

Remove Bracelet?
Remove your bracelet and escape from the Exile Lands? Please note that doing so will
permanently delete your character and restart the game.
Yes / No

Selecting "Yes" will trigger a cutscene of the player walking out of the Desert between two totem poles. The distant desert hills become more apparent and the screen fades to black. The cutscene that appears when the player chooses to remove the bracelet is shown below.

If the player is a Clan Leader, a notice will appear:

Could not recreate character
You are the Clan Leader, you need to leave your clan first!

When the cutscene ends, the player is taken to the Character creation screen.