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The Exiles Journey (Siptah)
The Exiles Journey (Siptah)
Levels: 1-60
Author: Joddelle
See also: The Exiles Journey, Guide.

The Exiles Journey is a progression method in Conan Exiles. Completing these steps will grant a significant amount of experience.


Chapter I[]

Use a bed or bedroll

Icon exilesJourney build.png Pain has made your mind foggy. Days spent in horrible conditions have left your mind dazed - pulled inwards to protect itself. You need to sleep. To make sense of events. To allow your mind to reorder itself around the future. You just need to find a safe location where you can collapse.

Craft a bedroll and place it in the world. This will make the bedroll your respawn point.

Make a Icon bedroll plant fiber.png Fiber Bedroll or Icon bedroll-1.png Rawhide Bedroll in your inventory and then place it on the ground.

Your mind feels refreshed and restored, despite the aching in your muscles. The insights that your dreams provide and the primal vitality that sleep restores will all be important in the days and weeks ahead.

Craft a tool

Icon exilesJourney build.png You study the callouses on your hand and conclude that if you are going to pull up plants and gather stones, you'd best be effective about it. Besides, you aren't sure what manner of creatures you are sharing this place with. There is always something reassuring about the heft of a tool in your hands.

Tools can be used to harvest objects in the world for resources. Craft you first tool from the stones and branches lying around

Grab a few Icon branch.png Branches and Icon stone-1.png Stones off the floor and you can craft a Icon pickaxe-1.png Stone Pick in your inventory.

You smile grimly and bounce your tool against the palm of your hand. There is something beautiful about the act of creation. There is something even more beautiful about using your creation to smash something.


Icon exilesJourney survive.png This is a dangerous place. You can sense it, like a stag senses the stalking hunter on the wind. You are in no state to fight large or dangerous creatures - even a well-fed human would be a match for you in your current state. You decide that climbing away from danger might be your best course. You flex your fingers and look around for something that might be climbable.

Almost any vertical surface in the Exiled Lands can be climbed. Walk up to a surface and hold Jump to attach. Press Crouch to release.

Climb up any surface, like a nearby rockface, by jumping at the rock and pressing space again.

You finish climbing and smile grimly to yourself. No matter what comes your way, you can at least try to climb away from it.


Icon exilesJourney survive.png Weakened by your wounds and in desperate need of time to heal, you find yourself confronted by even more basic needs. Your tongue rasps dryly against the inside of your mouth. You must find water. You have no other choice. Even salt water will probably do.

Gain water by interacting with water sources in the world or items such as waterskins and canteens.

Near to where you start there is a Icon water skin.png Sealed Waterskin. Pick it up and use it from your action bar to drink. If you didn't find that, you can drink Water directly when you reach the river.

Despite your wounds and the abuse that your body had received while on the cross, you managed to find and drink some water. The battle for survival on this island will be a long one, but in this skirmish, you are the victor.


Icon exilesJourney survive.png As the pain of the shipwreck recedes, a new pain sets in. Hunger. Not the pain of going without a meal or two, but the deep gnawing ache of your body slowly devouring itself. You have not eaten for days, and now you need to find something to eat. Anything.

Food can be scarse on the Isle of Siptah, but the coastline holds its own bounty. You can get sustenance from insects, berries, and turtles.Just avoid the raw oysters.

Use your action button on a bush a few times and you'll collect some Icon handful of termites.png Handful of Insects. Not pleasant, but they're edible.

You barely remember whatever it was that you ate. It doesn't matter. What matters is that the pain in your stomach has receded. For now. Hunger is truly the best sauce.

Clothe yourself

Icon exilesJourney survive.png The temperate winds of the island blow across you mildly. Still, even basic exposure to the sun in an environment such as this can lead to heatstroke, insanity and death. You need to craft some basic clothing to protect yourself.

Basic clothing can be crafted from fibrous plants. Harvest some plants and then weave some basic clothing

Use your action button on a bunch of bushes to harvest Icon plant fiber-1.png Plant Fiber. You can craft this in your inventory to make a Icon worker shirt.png Coarse Tunic, Icon worker gloves.png Coarse Handwraps, Icon worker trousers.png Coarse Leggings & Icon worker shoes.png Coarse Footwraps.

Coarse clothing offers very little protection against fang or claw, but it does provide a measure of relief against the burning sun. You wove yourself some rudimentary clothing from the strands of fibrous plants and ensured your ongoing survival just a little longer.


Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Life returns slowly to your aching muscles. Every step is a misery of aches and pains. But you are here. You are alive. And as that thought arrives in your mind, a slow burning anger fills you. You were taken from your home and lshipwrecked in a place you have never seen before. Taken from everything you knew, and left at the mercy of the sea gods. You are gripped by the sudden, inexplicable urge to kill something.

Equip a weapon or use your fists to damage enemies

This one is simple - kill something! There are some fairly easy creatures as you leave the desert, near the river, that you can kill with something as simple as a Icon pickaxe-1.png Stone Pick. Equipping yourself with a Icon primal sword-1.png Stone Sword is preferable though (requires level 4 and the Warrior feat).

Blood drips. Your fists ache. But for now, the fire of your anger has dimmed. Your future looms before you and it is blood, death and the endless cycle of survival. Probably a good idea to get a weapon.

Search the corpses of the crew

Icon exilesJourney explore.png You survived the wrecking of your ship, but the others of your crew do not seem to have been so lucky. Here and there, the bloated bodies of sailors have washed ashore. It is distasteful, but they may have something on their person that you need. Besides, should you really feel bad stealing from the people who kidnapped you?

Search the corpses on the beach to find something useful.

This one is simple - there are corpses scattered along the beach near all of the starting areas. Interact with one and loot the items you find. Note that pressing Loot All does not work. This journeystep is registered when you actually open the loot window.

Blood drips. Your fists ache. But for now, the fire of your anger has dimmed. Your future looms before you and it is blood, death and the endless cycle of survival. Probably a good idea to get a weapon.


Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Your hands ache. Sore knuckles, bloody palms and the swollen fingers of a body left too long in the salt water. As weapons, they are less than formidable. But you have a backup. The simple kick. You know you can use it to keep your enemies on the backfoot and give you the distance you need to escape.

Press KICK to perform a kick. Use it to keep enemies at a distance when you have nothing equipped in the off hand.

Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard (PC). You don't even have to be in combat at the time.

You snap off a few air kicks, feeling satisfied with the feeling as your leg hammers through the air, the weight of your body behind it. Beware the mighty kick!


Icon exilesJourney dominate.png You're still concerned about the diminished capacity of your body to avoid threats and damage. While you drifted, half-delirious and changed to a wooden bench, your muscles grew sore and tired. Now, freed from those constraints, you feel stiff. Your concern is that if something knocks you down, you will stay down. You need to practice your tumbling - rolling and returning to your feet quickly.

Press DODGE to perform a roll. You can use this keep distance from enemies, or get in closer. If you are wearing heavy armor, you cannot roll.

Press the left-Alt key on your keyboard (PC).

Your momentum carries you back to your feet and you smile, despite the pain. That felt good and you know it will be very useful.

Chapter II[]

Spend Knowledge Points

Icon exilesJourney survive.png The fog of pain has begun to clear and you begin to focus on your circumstances. You reject the idea that your situation is hopeless and instead cast your mind back over everything you have learned in your life about surviving in a dangerous place. You half-remember fragments of learning, tidbits dropped here and there throughout your life. If you just try, you are certain that you can put together practical applications for some of these things.

Press O to open the Feat screen. There you can see new types of knowledge which you can unlock. Learn a feat to gain access to crafting recipes which can then be accessed in your inventory, or in the workstation that is required to craft the object

Press "O" to access the Feats page - you just need to select a feat and unlock it.

It all starts to come back - pieces of knowledge fitting together in your mind to form a complete picture of how to make things. There's a certain pleasure to knowing things and knowing that no matter how injured your body, your mind will retain this information.

Perform a Heavy Finisher with a weapon

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png You've been experimenting with your weapon. How it feels in your hands during each swing; how the rhythm of combat reveals itself in the interplay of balance and counterbalance. There is a light rhythm which inflicts small amounts of damage on the enemy, while keeping them off-balance. And then there is the heavy, brutal rhythm which batters at the enemy, inflicting grievous wounds and bringing the fight to an end quickly. Your eyes widen as you understand that the rhythm is the same and you can switch between them at will, building your own unique style. You need to test this, ending a series of rhythmic blows with a brutal heavy finisher.

Combine light attacks and heavy attacks in a combo that finishes with a heavy finisher.

As soon as you have an actual weapon, such as the Stone Sword you made above, you can use the heavy attack four times in a row to activate the finisher. You don't need to be attacking anything.

The last swing whips through the air with a satisfying whoosh. You're certain that the key to skillful combat is to chain together your attacks in a way that sets your foe up for that single, definitive blow. Woe be to your enemies.

Store goods

Icon exilesJourney build.png You can't keep carrying everything around with you. You only have so many hands and the tools and stones and branches and leaves quickly add up. You need something to store your more valuable items in. Whether you make it or steal it from somebody else is irrelevant.

Place items in a storage container to keep them safe. Open the radial menu to lock and unlock the box for other people

Place something from your inventory into a Wooden Box or other type of box. These can be made by taking the Boxmaker feat from the survival page.

You're a little nervous about not carrying everything around with you, but you feel lighter, more agile and more ready to face the challenges of the desert with just a few things on your person. Besides that wooden box should keep your gear safe from would-be thieves. Unless they have access to metal or sorcery.

Get a dedicated weapon

Icon exilesJourney build.png Your first encounters are behind you and you've gotten through them with a blend of grit and a raw natural strength. But the Isle of Siptah is clearly a hostile place and you're going to need to be more effective in combat in the future. You think it is time to get yourself a real weapon.

Weapons can be crafted or looted from fallen enemies. Just remember to keep them in good repair. Nothing worse than a weapon that breaks mid-battle.

Craft yourself a Icon primal sword-1.png Stone Sword from branches, stone and twine.

You give your new weapon a few swings and it moves through the air with a satisfying whoosh. You almost feel sorry for the next fool who tries to kill you. Almost.

Eat a filling meal

Icon exilesJourney survive.png A life spent eating insects, eggs and grubs is a life lived on the very edges of desperation. You understand that such sparse foods are useful in dire times, but they are not what is needed to feed a strong, vital body. The thought of rich juicy meat makes you begin to salivate. You'd better cook it first though. The creatures around here are probably crawling with parasites.

Cooking food requires a campfire and the raw ingredients. Eating raw meat is a bad idea!

To start with you're probably surviving by eating insects and berries. To gain this journey step you need to eat some food that has been cooked. The easiest way to do this is with a Icon campfire 1.png Campfire - put some Icon wood-1.png Wood and raw meat on it. Wood is gained by hitting trees with a Stone Hatchet.

You smack your lips with relish. It has been so long since you have had to fight for your food, you'd forgotten what it was like. Never mind the taste of woodsmoke or the charred, overcooked meat. A good meal, hard earned, is a satisfaction all of its own.

Find shelter

Icon exilesJourney build.png You find yourself worrying about the weather. The storm that wrecked your ship seemed to originate on the Island. And every so often, you hear a rumbling from the heartland and grow concerned about the coming of another such storm. You are certain that there are many ways to shelter yourself from it. You simply need to find one of them that covers you fully.

Shelter can be created through building or found in various locations in the world.

You gain this by creating a building with walls & roof, but it can sometimes trigger from naturally occuring shelter, such as caves. Purchase the Apprentice Mason feat from the Construction page, enabling you to craft Sandstone building parts in your inventory.

You now know at least one place that will be safe for you to be during a storm. You might be trading the danger of the scouring storm for the depths of a cave or the dubious safety of hiding underwater, but nowhere on the Isle of Siptah is a truly safe place.

Use a Torch

Icon exilesJourney survive.png You see that darkness comes quickly on the Isle of Siptah, and with it comes danger. You'll need fire to drive off beasts and keep the darkness at bay while you explore.

Craft or find a torch and equip it. Torches can be held in the off hand, freeing the main hand for tools and weapons.

Make an Improvised Torch from 5x branches and 10x plant fiber. Add it to your quickbar and use it.

You know how to keep the darkness at bay, whenever it comes. If you have enough fuel to keep your torch burning, you'll always have at least one ally in the darkness.

Wrap your wounds

Icon exilesJourney survive.png Inevitably you are taking wounds through the course of your journey. Fighting and killing aren't exactly rick free activities and the risk of infection is high in such a hostile place. Wrapping and covering your wounds is probably a good idea. Smearking your wraps with the gel of the aloe plant is probably an even better idea.

Craft healing wraps from plant fiber and aloe or find some and use them. Just remember that they are only effective while you stand still.

Make 3x Rough Wraps from 10x plant fiber. Either move them to your quickbar, or use them from inventory.

The bandages sooth your wounds and you feel better. Knowing that you can use these to rapidly heal after battle makes you much more confident in your ability to fight.

Create a home

First house.jpg
Icon exilesJourney build.png Wandering and scavenging is good enough when you are clinging to survival by your fingernails, but you realize that you need to start building something slightly more permanent. To keep out the hazards of the Isle of Siptah, to store and protect the things that you have created, and as a place from which to stage your explorations.

Place out foundations and walls to create a base. You can place building pieces by equipping them to the hotbar then selecting them. Of course, you might need to craft them first.

You'll likely trigger this when you're halfway to making yourself a building. Just unlock the Apprentice Mason feat and build a house/hut, starting with Sandstone Foundation.

You've started to build something that provides shelter, protection from attacks and a place to keep your equipment. Now it just needs to be finished.

Use a skinning knife

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Slaughtering animals is a part of surviving, but up until now you have been avoiding another, messier part of the process. Skinning animals is a disagreeable task at any time, but you need hides in order to craft armor. And from what you have seen of the Isle of Siptah, you're going to need armor.

By using a skinning knife you can harvest hides exclusively from animals

To get a Skinning Knife, you need to unlock the Apprentice Butcher feat, then craft a Stone Skinning Knife.

You sniff the air, then shrug. One of the better things about being exiled is that there aren't a lot of people around to smell you after you've skinned something. You wipe your dagger and put it carefully away. You're going to be doing a lot more of this.

Chapter III[]

We're getting a bit advanced now and there is an assumption that you have a base of some sort where you can build crafting tables.

Equip a piece of light armor

Icon exilesJourney build.png The coarse clothing that you put together from plants fiber has served you well, but you decide that it is time to find something more... Protective. You wonder if you can make or find something.

Armor can be crafted using an armorer's bench. It can also be dropped by human enemies that you kill.

If you're lucky, you can just get a piece of light armor off another player. To do this yourself, you'll need to take the Armorer feat from the Armor page, then build an Armorer's Bench where you can make the light armor you need, such as a Light Chestpiece. Note that crafting armor is a little odd in that you need to craft the padding first, then you can craft the actual armor from the padding.

You like the feel of this new armor against your skin. You feel confident and protected. You're ready to take on anything.

Venerate the gods

Icon exilesJourney build.png The gods are watching. You realize that whatever your feelings about the gods, in this place you need to avoid offending them. You should find or create an altar and see what the gods have to offer you.

Use an altar just like any other crafting machine. If you are a worshipper of that particular god, the recipes available to you will show on the right

You remember when you selected a Religion to follow in character creation? This is the point where you hope that you didn't select Crom. To unlock this journey step, you need to build and place a shrine to a God. If you did choose Crom, don't worry, it's possible to acquire items that will teach you additional religions.

You used an altar and saw immediately that there were things that you could create only with divine inspiration. Perhaps something to make use of in the future.

Get a Head

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png You want a trophy of your adventures. Something that says "I was here. I slaughtered this thing". For example, a head.

Some creatures can be harvested for their heads, which can be stuffed and mounted on walls

Chop up creature bodies with a Cleaver. Heads have a low chance to drop with a Hatchet or Pick but cleavers have the best (though still low) chance.

Note: Skulls from humans also count as heads for this journey step.

You have taken a head. It is oozing and smells badly and you're not sure if you can remember how to stuff and preserve it. But you have it. You're so lonely.

Throw an Orb

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png You've seen them before dangling on the belts of alchemists, small glass orbs filled with some bizarre concoction. Whatever is inside them, when exposed to air it reacts and causes some interesting effects. Fire, slippery grease, poison gas - all of these would be of use when confronting your enemies. You think it is time to find out for yourself.

Equip an orb and press LMB to throw it so that it rolls for a distance. Use RMB to shake the orb and mix the contents, ensuring that it will react immediately upon impact.

Loot enough npcs and chests and you'll find a Gaseous Orb, Grease Orb, or possibly Demon-fire Orb. Equip it on your quick bar, select it like a weapon and then right-click to throw it. Done! These orbs can also be crafted at a Alchemist's Bench.

With the shattering of glass and the accompanying reaction, you've found a new weapon. Good for removing walls, choking enemies, and making everybody fall down.

Use a pick to gather bark from trees

Icon exilesJourney build.png You need to figure out how to create leather. You're not sure exactly the process but you remember that bark is needed. Stripping bark off one of these trees should be a easy, provided you have the right tools.

You can use different tools on the same harvestable for different results. Use a pick to harvest wood and bark from trees, a hatchet to harvest wood and branches

You've almost certainly made a Stone Pick by now to gather Stone and Ironstone. You probably have a Stone Hatchet to chop trees with for Wood. However, if you hit a tree with your pick, you'll occasionally get Bark as well. It's mostly useful for fuelling the Tanner and Dryer.

You've figured it out and managed to gather some bark. Now you'll just have to experiment to see which other tools you can use for varying purposes.

Find an Acheronian Obelisk

Icon exilesJourney explore.png Scattered across the island are ruins you recognize in the style of ancient Acheron. You wonder at their purpose on the island, since the vaults and the tower itself seem to be a completely different style of architecture - and you aren't expert enough to determine which was constructed first. You decide that the experts, in this case, would be the Acheronians. They may have left a record behind of their activities.

There are obelisks carved with Acheronian runes all across the island. Find one and interact to find out more about their presence on the island.

For hints about where to find the Obelisks, check Acheronian Obelisk. The easiest/safest obelisk is at the edge of the western beach just north of Tears of Xanarus. You pass it as you head east toward the ruined city just before leaving the beach. Once you locate one, interact with it by pressing E. TeleportPlayer -364056.6875 43090.492188 -19458.257813

You try to make sense of the message that the obelisk contained. There is a lot to understand and, given time and more obelisks, you are certain that you can unravel the mysteries of the island.

Obtain an iron bar

Ironstone Rocks.jpg
Icon exilesJourney build.png Your wood and stone tools are no longer sufficient. Not for harvesting the stone and wood that you need to create things. Not for cutting down your enemies who seem to be ever-increasing in power. You want to make the next step, out of the stone age and into the iron age. And the first thing you'll need is some pure iron.

You can make iron by smelting iron ore in a furnace or take if from someone who has already done the work for you

You may get lucky and loot an Iron Bar from an NPC you killed, or from a chest. If you're playing with others, you can all unlock this journey step from a single bar. Most likely you'll need to make the iron bar yourself. To do this you'll need to unlock the Blacksmith feat from the survival page, then build and place a Furnace. Place some Ironstone and fuel (Wood or Coal) into the furnace and start it up to make the iron bar(s).

You have an iron bar and taken your first tottering step on the path that leads out of the age of stone. Now you just need a few hundred more.

Block an attack

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png It's obvious to you that the people you are encountering are not well trained in combat. Whatever your past experience, you can see the obvious flaws in their methods, the way that they swing too hard and too often. With a shield, you think you could probably stun them long enough to get in some devastating blows of your own.

Equip a shield and use it to stagger an enemy in combat by blocking their attacks. Shields are useful, but they lose durability quickly and can be destroyed mid battle.

This journey step actually requires you to be fighting an opponent. You need a shield first. Both Wooden Shield and Bone Shield are easy to make early on. Take the Defender feat from the weapons page. Place the shield on your quick bar and activate it, as well as your sword. When fighting an opponent, press and hold your block key (CTRL key on PC).

Shields are also frequently found on enemy bodies and in boxes/chests. If you don't feel like building your own shield you can simply wait until your enemies provide one for you.

The bone-shaking blow was easily deflected back at the attacker, causing them to stagger and lose complete control. You made note of the opening, and the technique for future battles. As long as you can keep your shield in one piece.

Shoot an enemy

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Bashing heads and lopping off arms is a brutal but necessary part of the life on the Isle of Siptah. You are starting to suspect, however, that it might be better to try and kill your enemies from a distance. And at least hunting antelope will be so much easier. You decide that you should find a ranged weapon and try it out.

Craft or find a bow and arrows. To equip arrows to a bow, drag them over the bow in your inventory or hotbar.

You'll want either Javelin, or a Bow and some Arrows for this. The Archer feat can be taken from level 5 onwards and both Hunting Bow and Bone Arrows/Flinthead Arrows can be created in your inventory. Once you have a bow and some arrows, you must drag the arrows onto the bow, in your inventory, before equipping the bow.

You took a moment to become used to the flight of the arrow but once it was under control, you shot your first enemy. Though the bow might not be useful against very fast creatures, you can see that it will give you a decided advantage when attacking from ambush.

Find civilization.

Icon exilesJourney explore.png The wrecked ships lining the coast of this island tell many stories. Where have the people from those ships gone? Surely some were able to overcome the hostile wildlife. You only hope they will be friendly.

Locate a human settlement.

Visit one of three camps to complete this journey step. The Ashen Core Coldheart Ruins and Raider's Gap seem to be the only places that will complete this step at the this time (shortly after the release of 2.4) Note that none of these places are particularly safe for someone working on Chapter III.

You found people, but calling them civilized is a stretch.

Chapter IV[]

Craft an iron tool

Icon exilesJourney build.png Now that you have access to iron, you realize that you can improve your tools. Harder tools means having to repair them less, which in turn provides you with more time to gather resources. Time to enter the iron age.

You can craft an iron tool at a blacksmith's bench.

Requires you to unlock the Iron Tools feat on the Survival page and then craft either an Iron Pick or Iron Hatchet. Both of these require a Blacksmith's Bench to craft.

You have successfully crafted a iron tool. You admire the heft and feel of it in your hands. Trees and rocks beware - you are coming for them.

Dye an item

Icon exilesJourney build.png You understand the principal of changing the color of clothing. As a survival mechanism, it can be useful to help you blend into your surroundings, to attract certain animals and drive away others. Some people uses dyes for fashion too, but that would be a frivolous waste of dye out here.

Craft or steal a dye and then use it to dye an item in your inventory. Dyes can be crafted using the firebowl cauldron, but you will first need to create a flask to hold them. Glass can be crafted from crystal.

You can obtain different colors of Dye by looting npcs or chests, or by crafting Dye in a Dyer's Bench. To use Dye on a location of armor, select the armor and you'll see a button for Dye.

You look at the colors of your new item. The dye seems to have taken and the clothing seems as robust as ever. You also look good.

Catch a fish

Conan harvesting.jpg
Icon exilesJourney survive.png Hunting food requires energy and commitment. Catching fish, you realize is a much simpler pastime. Especially if you simply place out a trap and come back and check it some time later. You decide that maybe fishing is just what you need.

If you have a fish trap, you can use it to catch fish. Just place it in some water and wait.

Build a Fish Trap and place it partially submerged into water, bait it with Handful of Insects or Fat Grub, and wait for a fish to take the bait. Note that fat grubs will infest a Compost Heap that contains compost.

Your first fish lies dead at your feet. The lifeless eyes stare up at you accusingly but it was you or it. Perhaps not, but regrets are for the weak.

Plant seeds

Planters 2.jpg
Icon exilesJourney survive.png You remember hearing once that agriculture is the key to civilization. The benefits of civilization are less interesting to you than they once were, but the benefits of agriculture cannot be denied. This shouldn't be too hard. Nature does it all the time.

Seeds can be placed in a planter, and over time they will grow into plants that can be harvested. Using compost and fertilizer will speed the process.

Place a Crude Planter and then add any type of Seeds to complete this step. Seeds can be gathered from most bushes. Note that you will also need to add Compost to actually grow anything.

Tamping down the earth over your first planted seed, you feel a sense of satisfaction. It might not be as glorious as slaying enemies in battle, but there is a certain pleasure in growing something of your own.

Earn a perk

Icon exilesJourney survive.png You can feel that you have grown more powerful over the past days of hardship - expanding your capabilities in ways that you could not have imagined before. As you change, you feel that you are adapting in ways that are unique, ways that could be very useful to your continued survival.

Open your Attributes screen. Spend points in a single attribute to earn a perk. The more you focus on a single attribute, the higher the point cost, but the more powerful the perks.

Perks are earned every 10 points of each Attribute. As an example, when your Vitality reaches 10, you gain the perk, "Deep Breath"

You're certain that what you have figured out will help you to survive for longer. Perhaps even give you the edge in a crucial situation. It feels good.

Obtain an animal companion

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Thus far, the island seems to be realitively sparsely populated by other humans. But the variety of wildlife, on the other hand, is staggering. Perhaps you can harness the power of these animals and turn their strength to your advantage. Training a pet companion might be just the way to do that.

You'll just need to figure out how to get them away from their parents.

You'll need to aquire the Thrall Taker feat. This unlocks both the Apprentice Tamer and Stablemaster feats. Taming either a mount or a combat companion works to complete this journey step. Take one or both of those feats and collect a baby animal out in the wild. You can pick up baby animals simply by interacting with them if they are close enough and under your cursor. Build an Animal Pen or Stables and put the baby animal in it along with appropriate food. Herbovores will eat most plant resources you collect, and carnivores will eat any raw meat. Then wait until the animal matures. You will need to collect the animal from the pen and put it on your actionbar to place it. Note - Feral dogs roam on and near the beachs of the island, and you can sometimes find puppies in the packs.

You've captured your animal and put them in the animal pen. Over time, you could create a whole menagerie of willing servants. Every animal is different and their skills will be valuable in different ways.

Grind an item

Icon exilesJourney build.png You've collected a lot of useless objects over the course of your journey thus far. You reason that rather than throwing away anything you collect, it might be more use to grind them down to something more useful.

Craft or find a grinder and then place and ingredient inside to grind. Bone, for example, can be ground down to bonemeal.

Take the Grinder feat in the Stone Tools section of the Survival feat page. Build a grinder and grind something up!

You look dubiously at the pile of powder that is left in the grinder and scratch your head. This has to be useful for something. You're just not exactly sure what.

Show your religious zeal

Icon exilesJourney build.png The gods tend to be passive until invoked, and the strength of the invocation depends on the zeal of the one performing the ritual. You realize that no matter your feelings toward the gods, in the Exiled Lands they are capable of providing real, tangible benefits. All you need to do is offer them proof of your zeal.

Crafting items on the altar of the gods will create physical representations of zeal. Zeal is used to upgrade altars to higher tiers

That shrine that you built in Chapter III - you'll unlock this journey step very soon after by crafting the gathering item on that shrine and generating a Manifestation of Zeal for your God. These gathering weapons should be used on dead exiles to harvest an item of religious significance from them.

Your rudimentary acts of zealotry were enough to create physical manifestations of the favor of the gods on the altar. With enough favor, who knows what is possible?

Mine all the iron in a node

Icon exilesJourney build.png Iron is becoming the most important resource that you require for creating tools and weapons. In order to get enough, you need to harvest iron deposits directly, and not rely upon the iron that you occasionally find in other stones.

Iron deposits in the world have a metallic grey. They are mostly found north of the river. Harvest them directly to receive large amounts of iron.

If you've crafted an iron tool, you've most likely already done this, but if not - find an iron node and hit it with your pick until it explodes (you have harvested all of the Ironstone from it and the journey step will unlock.

You found and harvested an iron deposit in the world and you are certain that you can identify more of them in the future. It is time to move beyond stone and start working with iron.

Put an Enemy in the Wheel of Pain

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Thus far, you've been killing the enemies that you come across. But they would be more useful alive - as allies. The problem is that nobody you've met out here seems very interested in making an alliance. Making thralls of your enemies is a way to turn their strength to your advantage. And the Wheel of Pain is designed to do exactly that. You just need to capture an enemy first.

Capture enemies by knocking them unconscious with a truncheon and then binding their legs with fiber and dragging them back to the Wheel of Pain. If you have a bound npc, using the Wheel of Pain will attach them to it.

Time to learn how to capture NPCs and turn them into your thralls (make them work for you)! You'll need to unlock the Thrall Taker feat. Now build a Lesser Wheel of Pain at your base and craft yourself a Truncheon and Fiber Bindings - place these on your quickbar for easy access. Find yourself an npc exile - they can be found at various camps across the map - attack them with the Truncheon and, instead of killing them, you will knock them unconscious. Now activate the Fiber Bindings as your active weapon and press the E key while looking at the unconscious npc - you'll attach them to the rope and you can now drag them back to your base. Beware that the Fiber Bindings have fairly low durability, but you can repair it (or carry more than one). Once you get back to your Lesser Wheel of Pain, look at the wheel and press the E key again to place the unconscious npc onto the wheel. This should unlock this journey step! Note - to successfully en-thrall the npc, you need to power the wheel of pain with some sort of food and activate it. People often use Gruel for this.

You've captured your first thrall and put them on the Wheel of Pain. Over time, you realize, that you could create an army of willing servants. But all people are born with different skills and you will need to find the right thralls in order to quickly increase your production.

Chapter V[]

Build or upgrade a building piece to second tier

Three tiers of buildings

Icon exilesJourney build.png Simple buildings are a good first step, but you understand that your first walls are lucky to keep out a strong wind. A determined, well-armed enemy could easily break through your walls, take your things and destroy everything you have worked for. Time to upgrade.

You can upgrade your buildings to the next tier by crafting stronger pieces and placing them on top of the old pieces.

Craft a Stonebrick Foundation (tier 2 building) and use it to replace a Sandstone Foundation that you already placed. You can directly replace the existing foundation - you don't need to destroy it first. Note that this means you can design buildings using Sandstone and then, once you're happy with how it works, you can replace the building parts with a higher tier.

You've upgraded a building piece to make it stronger, sturdier and more resistant to attack. Now you simply need to do the rest of the building.

Decorate yourself with warpaint

Icon exilesJourney survive.png You're curious about the warpaints that you have seen some of your enemies wearing. They are intimidating, but they also serve to identify members of various tribes and groups. You know that some tribes use paints to prepare themselves for war, but for now, you'd just like to see how it feels to paint on yourself, without help.

Decorative warpaint patterns can be learned in the feat tree or found at various locations around the world. Using the pattern will apply it to your body.

You can learn to craft Decorative Warpaints as a feat, from level 22. The warpaint itself is crafted in the Dyer's Bench.

In the beginning, the paint feels odd against your skin, but you know that over time you will become used to it. Oddly satisfied with your freshly patterned skin, you move onwards with a bounce in your stride.

Fire a trebuchet

A completed Trebuchet

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Your enemies in the Exiled Lands are well protected and well-armed. Sometimes, swords and spears are not going to be enough. The pinnacle of modern siege weaponry, the trebuchet is designed to address that imbalance. Too cumbersome to hit single targets, but powerful enough to bring down the walls of enemy forts, it is a vehicle of destruction. You really want to fire one.

Trebuchets can be crafted via the feat tree. Make sure the trebuchet is loaded, the counter-weight is set and then pull the lever!

Another fairly self-explanatory step. The Trebuchet is unlocked by learning the Engineer Feat and is crafted and assembled in 4 steps. Craft the Siege Foundation and Trebuchet Base at your Carpenter's Bench. Place the Siege Foundation somewhere (make sure that you raise it vertically a little, otherwise the rest of the trebuchet may not build). Next, place the Trebuchet Base on top of the Siege Foundation. You can now use the Trebuchet Base as if it were a workbench, to craft a Trebuchet Frame and then a Trebuchet Arm. Finally, to fire the completed Trebuchet, you need to add some weighting ballast (Stone will do fine), craft a Siege Boulder and then fire the Trebuchet!

The payload arcs through the sky and lands with a satisfying thump. You're certain that simple walls won't be able to stand up to the pounding of such a machine. War is coming and you are prepared.

Combine orb effects

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png After experimenting with alchemical orbs, you understand their basic applications. But the compounds within can be combined to cause a variety of secondary effects. You'd like to see what happens when you combine two orb effects.

Experiment with different orbs and combine their effects to produce new effects.

The easiest way to complete this journey step is to throw either a Grease Orb or Gaseous Orb and then throw a Water Orb into the grease spot or gas cloud. For a more spectacular effect use a Demon-fire Orb as the second orb.
All of these orbs are common drops from humans and undead. Or you can craft them at an Alchemist's Bench. You will need to station an alchemist of any tier at the bench in order to craft orbs.

Note that you should use right-click to throw these, so they smash on impact.

You're not sure how it works, but it works. And now you know a new trick to use against your enemy.

Obtain a potion

Icon exilesJourney survive.png You have heard tales of miraculous potions that can heal the sick, strengthen the weak and restore the constitution of the weary. You decide that experimenting with the different herbs and plants that can be found on the Isle of Siptah is worth the risk of accidentally poisoning yourself. When the land itself is tainted by sorcery, the plants must have some miraculous properties.

Use a firebowl cauldron to combine ingredients into a potion, or steal one from your enemies.

There are many potions in the game and many ways to acquire them (crafting, looting, trading). If you want to craft a Potion, the easiest choice is to hand-craft Weak Aloe Extract using 3x Aloe Leaves, This recipe is part of the Survivalist feat, which you get for free at the start of the game.

You gulp down the potion and let the effects spread slowly throughout your body. For all you know, it might all be in your mind. It's just nice not to be drinking water for once.

Obtain a mount

Icon exilesJourney survive.png You have sore feet. This isn't something that you've really considered until today, but now you realize just how much running back and forth you do. It seems to be constant. Thinking back to civilization, you realize just how much you miss other forms of transport. You're fairly certain that you've seen horses and foals around here somewhere - you simply need to catch one and train it. And put a saddle on it.

Capture a foal and put it in the stables. Craft a saddle (or steal one) and when the foal is fully grown equip the saddle to ride it.

You'll need to aquire the Thrall Taker feat. This unlocks the Stablemaster feat. Taming a mount will also complete the "Obtain an animal companion" journey step. Take the Stablemaster feat and collect a foal or a baby rhino out in the wild. You can pick up baby animals simply by interacting with them if they are close enough and under your cursor. Build a Stables and put the baby animal in it along with some plant food. Then wait until the animal matures. You will need to collect the mount from the Stables and put it on your actionbar to place it. Note - You will need to craft a saddle in order to ride your mount.

As the landscape whirrs past, beneath the feet of your new mount, you relish the in the feeling of freedom. You can go anywhere, you realize. As long as it is within the boundaries of where you cannot go. Still, it's freedom. Of a sort.

Travel to New Luxur

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png You've heard rumors of Siptah - even before you came to the isle. But who is the dark sorcerer? And what is the mystery that causes the maelstrom that envelops the island? There is rumored to be an abandoned Stygian colony on the north-easten side of the island. New Luxur, abandoned at least fifty years ago. You consider that this is the most likely place to contain more information about Siptah and the island. You simply must go there.

New Luxur can be found on the northeastern side of the island.

The city outline is obvious on the map, in the middle of the redwood biome in the eastern portion of the map. You have to enter the southern plaza inside the walls to complete the journey step. Be careful! The city is crawling with undead and no less than four world bosses!

You've discovered the ruins of New Luxur - lost among the trees of the forest. Now you can begin your search for answers.

Ride an elevator

Icon exilesJourney build.png You find yourself impressed with the ingenuity of survivors on the Isle of Siptah. With the application of counterweights, pulleys, and strong ropes, platforms that move around and provide safe access in and out of mountainous places not only exist, but seem to work with little accident. You want to try one of these contraptions.

Craft an elevator, or find one in the world that you can use. Interact with the control lever while standing on the platform to activate it.

Fairly self explanatory, craft and build either a Elevator Vertical or Elevator Horizontal, then place it and use it. Note that completing this step only needs you to use the Elevator, so many players can complete their journey step if one player builds an elevator. If you're only building one to complete the Journey Step, the Elevator Horizontal is easier to place. You can learn to build an Elevator by taking the Elevators feat.

You shake your head as you step off the elevator. Necessity really is the mother of all invention.

Find a message in a bottle

Icon exilesJourney explore.png The rarity of other people on the Isle of Siptah has left you pining for company. A friendly voice, a hearty hug, you'd even settle for a simple wave. You have noticed the occaisonal glinting bottle, washed up by the waves. You're just desparate enough to see if there is something inside them.

Search the shorelines and inlets of the Isle of Siptah for message bottles.

The bottles are mostly laying on the beach, often near shipwrecks.

You smile at the small note you found inside the bottle. Somebody obviously had too much time on their hands - but it awakens memories of human contact inside you. It's a link, however tenuous, to whoever you used to be.

Squish something in a fluid press

Icon exilesJourney build.png As you establish yourself on the Isle of Siptah, you've become aware that you need access to various resources to lubricate the gears of your production chains. You remember seeing merchants using their fluid press to separate the pulp from the useful liquids inside various creatures. It's disgusting, but you imagine it will help to provide you with resources.

Craft or acquire a fluid press, then fill it with something you'd like to squish.

There are a number of things you can squish in a Fluid Press to trigger this journey step, such as Desert Berries, Coal, fish from a Fish Trap, or the head of an animal. The press can squish many things!

With a sickly gurgle, the fluid press squeezes pungent liquid into the world. You're becoming quite efficient at producing things, even if it is mostly just bad smells.

Chapter VI[]

Modify a weapon

Icon exilesJourney survive.png Swinging your weapon in battle has made you acutely aware of its flaws, but it has also grown familiar, like an additional limb. You don't want to give it up, but the problems it has could eventually be lethal. You know that you can modify your weapon to customize it for your combat preferences with the help of a special set of tools. You'll just need to make the tools first.

Craft or acquire a weapon modification and then apply it to a weapon by placing it over the weapon in the inventory.

Unlock the Apprentice Weaponsmith feat from the weapons page. This allows you to make several weapon modifications at the Tinker's Bench, such as Simple Reinforcement Kit or Simple Weapon Damage Kit. Make one of these and then drag it onto a weapon to modify that weapon. Note that the weapon must be fully repaired to do this. Applying a Tool Upgrade Kit to a tool also works.

Your newly modified weapon still feels familiar, but subtly different. You won't be certain until you try it in combat, but you're looking forward to.

Modify a piece of armor

Icon exilesJourney survive.png Your armor creaks and groans when you use it. It isn't that the armor isn't useful, it just feels like it could be more useful. There are specialized tools that can be used to make your armor slightly better; a small scraping of leather here, a touch of additional oil there. You decide to try and modify your armor with the help of a small kit.

Craft or acquire an armor modification and then apply it by placing it over an armor piece in the inventory.

Unlock the Apprentice Armorsmith feat from the armor page.
This allows you to make several armor modifications at the Tinker's Bench, such as Thin Armor Plating. Make one of these and then drag it onto a piece of armor to modify that armor piece.
Note that you don't need to make the modification yourself to unlock this journey step, you can use a modification made by someone else.

Your armor still creaks and groans, but somehow, it all feels slightly better. And you've learned how to modify your armor, which your certain is a useful skill to have.

Cripple an enemy

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png You're aware that you've become much more intimidating during the last few weeks of clawing out an existence in the Exiled Lands. You're more formidable than ever - but this has led to a new set of problems. Foremost among them, enemies who run away from you. You need to find a way to pin them down - literally. A well placed arrow or javelin to the legs, or a special cripple combo with a weapon ought to do it.

Hit an enemy in the legs with an arrow or throwing weapon in order to cripple them. This will reduce their movement rate significantly.

The Cripple Status effect is typically inflicted with Heavy Attacks from a sword.

You grin mercilessly as you watch your enemy limping away. There'll be no escape for them this time.

Sunder an enemy

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Increasingly, you find yourself fighting opponents wearing layers of protection that your weapons are unable to penetrate. You realize that against such well defended foes, you need to angle your strokes so as to expose the flaws in the enemy protection. You have a few tricks in mind, but you really need to try them out in battle, and with the correct weapons, to see if you can manage.

Apply the Sunder debuff to an enemy by using a weapon combo that contains a sunder. Some weapons that include sunder combos are the two-handed hammer, the axe, and the mace.

The Sunder Status effect is typically inflicted with Heavy Attacks from Hammers.

Your deft moves and crushing attacks left your foe exposed and off-balance. From that position it was simple to exploit the weakness. You tuck this technique into your mind for future reference.

Make an enemy bleed

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Not all of your enemies deserve a fast death. In a land full of murders, thieves and rapists, you are certain that a fast death is a mercy that not all of them should recieve. Some of your weapons are designed to inflict bleeding - gaping wounds that are designed to leave the enemy spilling their precious lifeblood onto the sands. You decide to master this technique, against the chance that you might need to use it in the future.

Apply the Bleed debuff to an enemy by using a weapon combo that contains a sunder. Some weapons that include bleed combos are the daggers, the sword, and the pike.

The Bleeding Status effect is typically inflicted with Heavy Attacks from paired daggers.

You watch with satisfaction as your enemy drips blood onto the sand. Sadistic, yes? But then again, they should never have tried to kill you. You store your knowledge of enemy anatomy for future battles.

Find an Elder Vault

Icon exilesJourney explore.png You've seen them in the dis6tance. Huge vaults that shimmer with color in the light of sun and moon. They look sorcerous. They look dangerous. You decide you really need to get a look at one up close.

Elder Vaults can be found scattered across the Isle of Siptah. They are a key part of the mystery of the island.

There are fourteen vaults in total.

You puzzle over what you have learned. The vaults were no doubt built for a purpose - but what exactly? To keep something in, or keep something out? Perhaps one day soon, you decide, you'll need to find out.

Obtain the head of a boss creature

Icon head elk king.png
Icon head king kappa.png
Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Some of the creatures that you've encountered are larger and fiercer than others, unique in a land of large and fierce creatures. You want to take a trophy from one of them, proof of what you have seen. If you ever make it out of here.

Kill one of the unusually large creatures that roam the Isle of Siptah and take its head

Some boss creatures will yield a head, others won't. Typically, the ones that drop skeleton keys don't have a head. Use a Hatchet or Cleaver to harvest the body. Some fairly easy boss creatures that you can get a head from are:

You have the head and proof of both your prowess and the unnaturally large creatures that haunt the Isle of Siptah. Something to remind you to be alert at all times.

Use an explosive

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png You've heard of alchemical powders from Khitai that can be used to cause great explosions and fire in the sky, but it has never gained impetus in the Hyborian kingdoms due to a scarcity of the resources required to create it. Here on the Isle of Siptah, however, the ingredients are plentiful. You want to craft an explosive of your own. You want to blow something up.

Explosives can be learned and crafted through the feat menu. They can be triggered by interacting with their fuse or simply walking into them.

Place an Explosive Jar on the ground, then interact with it to activate the timer fuse. You probably want to run away as soon as you have done this! Throwing a Demon-fire Orb will also complete this journey step. Note that if you detonate the explosive by shooting a fire arrow at it, you won't unlock this journey step!

The satisfying boom of the explosion still rings in your ears. The raw power of the powder is enough to smash walls and bring down forts and castles. Oh, the destruction you will leave in your wake.

Lure an enemy into a trap

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Direct confrontation is not the only way to deal with an enemy. Sometimes, you realize, it pays to be smarter. You've often considered traps with spring-loaded mechanisms that could be used to trigger death on those who dare to trespass in your home. Time to put those thoughts into action.

Traps can be crafted or found on enemies on the Isle of Siptah. Place a trap and lure an enemy on to the trap so see what effect it has.

This is accomplished using an Exploding Trap or Vapor Trap and getting an opponent (either player or npc) caught in the explosion. It works like a land mine after it is placed. Something to be aware of is that the explosion has a delay of several seconds from when it is triggered, so the player/npc that triggered it may have moved out of the area of effect. I found the best way to guarantee this journey step triggering is to stand next to the trap, so you get hit by it as well, or to place it and get a friend to stand on it (even works on PvE).

There is absolute delight in watching a plan execute itself perfectly. In this case, the trap worked flawlessly, triggered by the weight of the attacker it fired off with devastating effect.

Drink water from a well

Icon exilesJourney survive.png You're tired of continually having to find a stream or river to refill your waterskin. You're tired of having to search out water before you can go on long trips. And you're concerned about your ability to defend your home if an enemy blocks your access to fresh water. You're confident after so much time spent in the desert that you can see the telltale signs of an underground water source. You decide that you can dig a well for simpler access to water, or at the very least locate one nearby that you can use.

Find or craft a well and then use it to quench your thirst or fill your waterskin. Wells will fill up over time, so check back to get more water later.

If your base isn't near water, then building and placing a Water Well is a worthwhile investment. It also allows you to unlock this journey step.
Note that you can fill a Sealed Waterskin from a well.

You wipe your mouth with your hand. The water tastes a little brackish, but is drinkable. One of the great threats of the Exiled Lands, thirst, is thus overcome.

Chapter VII[]

Equip a Raider Armor Piece

Icon exilesJourney build.png There are cultures feared across the Thurian continent for the ferocity of their raids upon neighboring kingdoms. Shemite and Stygian slavers, raiding each other and their neighbors to the north and south. And from the far east, the mysterious Kambujans who set forth from their jungle kingdom. You know that to establish yourself here, regardless of whether you are a raider or not, you need to borrow some of the fear that comes with their image. At least you get three choices.

Raider armors can be learned in the feat tree and crafted at an armorers bench.

Either find/loot/borrow the armor, or make some at the Armorer's Bench. To craft yourself, learn the Raider Armors feat (Level 30 armors).

You like the feel of your new armor. It makes you dangerous. And fearless. Like you'd like to go on a raid.

Cleanse yourself of corruption

Icon exilesJourney survive.png The things that you've seen have affected your mind. Though you try to convince yourself otherwise, you feel off. Half-glimpsed visions, whispers that seem to come from nowhere. You feel corrupted. You need to distract your mind, focus on something other than survival and the horrors of the Exiled Lands in order to heal yourself. Perhaps dancing?

Entertainers can cleanse corruption from your mind and body with their unique talents. Capture an entertainer or find a location where you can watch one in action.

There are three steps required to unlock this journey step:

You feel refreshed, like you've awoken from a dark dream. The menacing clouds on your consciousness have lifted. You are restored.

Craft a special arrow

Icon exilesJourney build.png You're fairly certain that you could competently construct regular arrows if you need to. But you recall various specialized arrows that you saw in use back in the civilized lands. Some were simply improvised from basic materials, but others had special properties. You remember an archer firing arrows that lit up the night wherever they struck. Festival tricks, for sure, but useful in a place such as this.

Craft or aquire a special arrows. These can be found in the feat tree.

Learn the feat Specialist Ammunition I and craft 10x light arrows from 1x Ironhead Arrow and 5x Glowing Essence at Any carpenter's bench. The glowing essense is a common find in chests and loot crates, and on the bodies of humans and undead. The feat you need to craft the essence does not seem to be available on the Isle of Siptah.

Alternatively, you can craft any arrow from Specialist Ammunition I, Specialist Ammunition II, Specialist Ammunition III, or Specialist Ammunition IV. Note that the last is learned from a scroll which is a very rare drop.

The arrow leaves your bow with a snap and flies smoothly through the area. Your mind has immediately thought of a dozen uses for this and you are elated at the thought of another tool in your arsenal.

Create an Improved Workstation

Icon exilesJourney build.png You realize that your have become more skilled in your chosen crafts over your time in the Exiled Lands. You can identify dozens of inefficiencies in the production chain and you have ideas on how to improve them all. You get to work on your crafting station, certain that your improved design will be faster and more efficient.

Learn an improved crafting station from the feat page and then craft one to be placed in the world.

Learn one of the feats Master Armorer, Master Blacksmith, Potionmaker, Master Chef, or Master Tanner and craft any of the improved workstations they teach you.

You stand proudly beside your workstation. This, as much as your combat prowess, is proof that you have come to dominate the Exiled Lands. You have become so much more than you were.

Enter the Maelstrom

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png At the heart of the Isle of Siptah is the Maelstrom. A dangerous, chaotic storm that swirls with magical energy that flickers between dimensions - every one of your senses screams at you to stay away. But where is the adventure in that?

You've braved the Maelstrom at the heart of the Isle of Siptah and seen what lies within. There are challenges ahead but you are confident that you have passed a milestone in your ability to survive.

Visit the center of the map while the Maelstrom is raging. Optionally, kill some of the creatures that spawn there.

The battle was bloody and the screaming horde was intense in their desire to see your home destroyed. But you overcame. You won again. That is all that matters.

Explore X'chotl

Icon exilesJourney explore.png Dread Acheron, the kingdom that ruled the civilized world for thousands of years, spreading their influence across Hyboria. And even here, on this remote island, are signs of their presence. You have seen the obelisks that testify to their dominance and glory - empty words on and island now abandoned. Still, the mysteries within their ruins must be worth investigating. What they knew, you figure, can only help you.

Explore the Acheronian ruins of X'chotl and discover all the major points of interest in the area.

This journey step completes when you enter the central plaza of the ruins.

You have wandered the ruins of X'chotl. Fought the ancients husks that still walk there. Seen the places of sacrifice and the shattered ruins of their homes. Where they went and what happened to them remains a mystery. But there is still so much to learn from the Island.

Summon a surge

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png During your journey on the Isle of Siptah, you've discovered reference to the Maelstrom and harnessing its power. It seems that in a past so ancient it has almost been forgotten, there were ways to use the Maelstrom to summon people and goods from other places - possibly even other times. You're willing to try it and see what happens, at least.

Build a Containment Shield at a Leyshrine, and fill it with ???? to summon a surge. This is the best way for you to gain access to thralls and objects external to the island.

Use 10x Hardened Steel Bar to craft the Focus Altar of your choice, then power the altar with ???? before activating it to start a surge.

You've harnessed the power of the Maelstrom and materialized people from across the world in your surge. You realize that this gives you access to things that would normally not be available on the island. Not the least, company.

Command a follower

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Though you have been capturing enemies and breaking their will on the Wheel of Pain, you realize that it is communication that will be the key to success with your thralls. You quickly devise a series of hand gestures and commands to let your companions know your mind - and you decide that you should test it out immediately.

Bring up the command menu and use it to give orders to your companions - both human and animal.

Holding down E while aimed out into the world will bring up a radial menu you can use to command your follower. Or you can simply interact with the ground to command your follower to move.

You watch your companion complete the task you assigned them and you feel a sense of mastery. Communication is the key to success!

Craft a steel tool

Icon exilesJourney build.png There are many times of steel across Hyboria. You recall drunken debates between mercenaries and blacksmiths in taverns about which country produced the finest steel. You smile wryly and decide that you don't need to set your ambitions so high. Any steel will be stronger than iron. Harder tools means having to repair them less, which in turn provides you with more time to gather resources.

Craft steelfire by combining tar and brimstone in a Firebowl Cauldron. Craft steel by combining steelfire and iron in a Furnace. Finally, craft steel tools at the Blacksmith's Bench.

Requires you to unlock the Steel Tools feat on the Survival page and then craft either an Steel Pick or Steel Hatchet. Both of these require a Blacksmith's Bench to craft.

You have successfully crafted a steel tool. There is strength in refinement, you realize, and sometimes effort can be replaced with innovation. Appreciating this new insight, you look for some rocks or trees to hit.

Explore a Leyshrine

Icon exilesJourney explore.png You've seen them from a distance, the leyshrines. They are made of the same material as the tower and their distance and symmetry give you to understand that they must have some significance to that looming ediface. Perhaps even the Maelstrom. You decided to explore one of the leyshrines, come what may.

Find a leyshrine close to the interior of the island and explore it.

There are six Leyshrines in a rough perimeter around The Tower. You have to go inside the structure to complete this journey step.

You've explored a Leyshrine and come that much closer to unlocking the secrets of the ancients. Now you simply need to turn that knowledge to practical use.

Chapter VIII[]

Get extremely drunk

Icon exilesJourney survive.png The more you explore and learn about your imprisonment, the clearer it becomes to you that there is no short term solution. For better or worse, you are stuck here among the outcasts and exiles. Well, as a wise drunkard once slobbered into your ear, it could be worse. There might not be alcohol. And you could really use a drink.

Learn to brew alcholic beverages in the feat tree, or find someone willing to share. Then drink until you forget about everything.

You need to drink FIVE alcoholic drinks to get drunk enough to complete this journey step. This is also enough to give you alcohol poisoning and a fairly lengthy buff of +3 Strength and +3 Vitality (the alcohol poisoning debuff can be cleared using a Set Antidote from the Set shrine). There are many alcoholic drinks in Conan: Exiles and you can loot them from various opponents or chests, as well as make them using a Fermentation Barrel.

Your head hurts too much for you to think of a benefit to this. You're certain there was one but... you just want some greasy food.

Build or Upgrade your building to the highest tier

Icon exilesJourney build.png As you explore the lands, you find you are dissatisfied with the materials you have used to build your home. You've seen ancient architecture that has stood for ten thousand years, and the robust dwellings of the other captives of the Exiled Lands. In order to protect yourself and your clan, nothing but the highest tier of protection will do.

Craft build pieces of the highest tier (black ice, reinforced stonebrick) and upgrade your building

Learn the Master Mason feat from the Construction page, then craft either a Reinforced Stone Foundation or Black Ice-Reinforced Wooden Foundation and place it. Note that to unlock this journey step you don't need to be the one making the building part, just place it, so someone else can craft the building part for you.

You've begun to turn your home into a fortress. Raiders and enemies will need to be very determined indeed if they hope to break down your walls. You almost hope they try.

Use a Sigil

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png The shadowy Vaults well may contain powerful magics from a lost age, but they are also home to terrible monstrousities from beyond. With careful preparation, and a lot of bloodshed, you may unlock the secrets of these ancient treasures.

Search a vault until you find a Sigil or get one from an ally. Use it to receive a mark that will aid you with everyday activities.

You find Sigils in the final loot chest of an Elder Vault. Use them from your inventory to get each unique buff from the 14 available sigils. You can check your stats page to see what sigils currently buff you.

You've used a sigil, and you feel the power of it burning in your mind. Now you believe that you canmove with the rhythm and the flow of the creatures from other worlds.

Defeat a surge enemy

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png With the power to control the Maelstrom, and the ability to summon the surge, comes the possibility that the surge will bring you something you do not expect. The chaos of the sorcery involved means that, inevitably, you will face something in the surge. You need to know that you can defeat it.

Summon a surge and defeat an enemy from within.

Go to the summoning pool at the southwest corner of The Pools of the Grey Ones and place a Spider of Leng Figurine in the container. Don't kill the Spider of Leng until it summons its adds, Summoned Spider of Leng. Killing one of these adds will complete the journey step. Note that other figurine summons may also complete this step, but this one has been tested. You can find figurines in all of the Grey Ones areas and NPC camps in the southern part of the map.

You stand over the body of your enemy, triumphant. You have meddled with sorceries you do not understand and emerged unscathed. You decide that you have very little to fear from the surges.

Craft an eldarium weapon

Icon exilesJourney build.png The strange material that was used to create the vaults is very impressive. These monuments have remained standing, after all, for hundreds of thousands of years. You wonder if the material has other applications. As a weapon, for example.

Collect Decaying Eldarium from the vaults then refine it by combining it with Hardened Steel to obtain Eldarium. Use Eldarium to infuse weapons.

You will need to find an eldarium weapon reciepe before you can craft one. Delving Hardened Steel weapons on the Delving Bench is the best way to do this.

You swing your new weapon, admiring the shine of the metal. You appreciate just how rare this is - a unique combination of this time, this alloy and this circumstance.

Drink the Yellow Lotus Potion

Icon exilesJourney survive.png The herbs and concoctions of the Isle of Siptah seem to have a potency that you have never seen in your former life. You've heard of potions that bring dying men back to full health, that allow one to breathe underwater for an insane length of time, and that open your eyes to new experiences and new horizons. The blossom of the yellow lotus, used as a narcotic in southern Stygia and the Black Kingdoms, can apparently be prepared in such a way as to add new insights and allow you to see yourself as you might have been if you'd made different choices in life. You're determined to try it out and see what you can glean from the experience.

The Yellow Lotus Potion can be used to reset your feat and attribute points. Craft one at a Firebowl Cauldron or find one in the world and devour it.

When you drink a Yellow Lotus Potion it will instantly refund all of your attribute and Feats points. You can make this potion at the Alchemist's Bench. Yellow Lotus Blossom are found across much of the map and can be harvested by walking up to them and interacting with them - using a Sickle will improve yields.

Infinities explode before your eyes. The world spins and turns. You see yourself as a child, an adolescent, an adult. You see every road you never turned down, every path untrodden and with a flick of the wrist, you can change it all. You can become something else entirely.

Harvest the Black Lotus Blossom

Icon exilesJourney survive.png The blossoms of Black Lotus are dangerous. To breathe in their scent is to bring dreams of darkness and death. The mighty sorcerers of the Black Ring use the smoke of the black lotus to revive their sorcerous powers. For you, the Black Lotus represents a challenge. Like so many of the other things you have achieved in the Exiled Lands, the task of plucking a Black Lotus Blossom appeals to your sense of adventure. You're not even sure what you would use it for.

Find and harvest Black Lotus on the Isle of Siptah.

Black Lotus Flower can be found growing near the Altar of the Old Serpent and outside the Sanctuary of the Serpent and Harbor of the Twice-Drowned vaults.

Holding the blossom carefully away from your face, you smile triumphantly. Another challenge overcome and another mystery of this place conquered.

Discover all the Acheronian Obelisks

Icon exilesJourney explore.png The story of Xanarus of Acheron and the fall of his outpost is scattered across the island. Learning this story and the eventual reason for the disappearance of a people as powerful as the Acheronians will be a powerful step towards understanding the island. You simply need to track down all of the obelisks.

Find and read all of the Acheronian Obelisks on the island.

There are thirteen obelisks in total. They look like tablets with glowing runic carvings on their surface. Search the ruins on the west side of the island, or near vault entrances. Once you locate one, interact with it by pressing E. Note that you can check Acheronian Obelisk for hints about where to find the Obelisks.

You think about the story of the Acheronians. The strange shifts in behavior of their leader and the bizarre messages that he left towards the end of his reign. Was he replaced by something much more sinister that could take the shape of a man? Was he preparing them for some form of mass sacrifice? Was the eclipse and the conjuction the last day that Acheron even had a presence on this island? Sadly, it seem that you have more questions than answers, even after finding all the lorestones.

Harvest a fallen star for ore

Icon exilesJourney build.png At night you can see the stars falling from the sky and landing in the barrens near the Tower. You've always heard tales of the strength and power of metal forged from stars and now is your opportunity to get your hands on some of it. You need to find a fallen star and harvest it for star metal.

Find a fallen star and harvest it by shattering the outer shell with a demon-fire orb

First off it's important to note that this unlocks from adding Star Metal Ore to your inventory. This means that you can earn this by looting the ore off fallen monsters or by taking it from a box in your base. You may need to do this the hard way though and find a node of Star Metal and harvest it - this requires Explosives.
Star Metal Ore is harvested from meteorites that fall in the in the area around The Tower. You will see them trail across the sky, and hear their explosive boom as they crash to land. You must destroy the outer shell of the meteorite with Explosives before you can harvest it. One shot with an Explosive Arrow is usually enough.

You have a gleaming lump of star-metal ore, ready to be smelted into a weapon or tool. You want to see what it can do.

Dismantle an item

Icon exilesJourney build.png You have to face it. Not everything you create is uniquely useful. Sometimes, even a master craftsman errs in their creation and makes something that they don't need - or something that has become obsolete. Rather than just getting rid of things, as you would have in the past, you decide to see if you can break them down into something useful.

Craft a dismantling bench and use it to break down an item.

Learn the Dismantling Bench from the Stone Tools section of the Survival feat page. Then place old armor, weapons, and building pieces in it to recover about half the resources needed to create the item.

You look at what you recovered and wonder if it was worth the effort. You're fairly certain it was. Fairly.

Chapter IX[]

Buff yourself with Warpaint

Icon exilesJourney survive.png You’ve mastered the art of painting yourself with decorative paints that stain your skin. But you want to learn the higher art, the one that tribes use to drive themselves into a frenzy. The patterns that give strength, agility, vitality and more to their wearers. Perhaps the effect is all in the mind. You’re not concerned. As long as it works.

Warpaint buffs can be learned on the feats page, or found in the world. Craft or find one, then apply it to yourself.

Learn the feat Functional Warpaints from the Armor page, and then craft one in the Dyer's Bench. You must equip the warpaint to complete this step. Be aware that they are reasonably expensive to create and are lost if you die. Each warpaint grants +3 to a specific Attribute.

You can feel the paint tingling upon your skin. And you feel the effect in your blood, roaring through your veins. It works. That is all that matters

Pour Boiling Oil from a Siege Cauldron

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png The more you accumulate, the more important it has become to defend what you have. Thick walls can be climbed, after all, and even the sturdiest ceiling in the world cannot stand up to repeated blows. You’ve seen some of the nasty tricks that fortresses use to defend themselves against climbing foes and indeed, those foolish enough to hang around at the base of their walls. Time to heat the oil.

Place a Siege Cauldron, and use it to pour oil down the length of your wall.

This took more figuring than it should. The Siege Cauldron can be learned from the Master Construction area of feats. To place it, you need to first place a crenelation along the edge of a ceiling (needs Master Fence-maker feat). The Siege Cauldron will then snap to the crenelation.
You then need to access the inventory of the placed Siege Cauldron and add Tar (not oil).
Lastly, interact with the handle and it will tip 1 of that tar over the edge, slightly damaging any foes below.

You survey the slick patch of oil left on the wall proudly. This will hinder anyone silly enough to climb the walls. You look forward to them trying.

Stack seven unique sigils

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png The abilities afforded by the Vault sigils extend beyond mere convenience. The powers they unlock enrich you in every facet and allow you transcend previously impossible challenges. As you proceed through the Maelstrom, consider the benefits that additional Sigils might provide.

Gather seven unique sigils from the vaults, then use them.

You find Sigils in the final loot chest of an Elder Vault. Use them from your inventory to get each unique buff from the 14 available sigils. You can check your stats page to see what sigils currently buff you.

The power of the sigils glow within your mind, which phases and pulsates with the knowledge of strange dimensions. You are not more powerful, you realize, you are just more solidly grounded in every facet of reality, of which there are many. Extra-dimensional beings, beware.

Visit the tower

Icon exilesJourney explore.png It looms at the heart of the Isle of Siptah. The Tower. The heart of the Maelstrom. The key to the mystery of the island. You know you need to go there. Why not now?

Visit the tower at the heart of the Isle of Siptah.

Easy step. Just approach close to The Tower while fighting off scores of undead, scorpions, and the Accursed.

You've been to the tower. Seen it towering about the isle. Seen the barren lands at its base where the Maelstrom has scoured its surface. But the door was locked. You wonder idly what awaits at the top of the tower. And if you will ever get there.

Craft a delving bench

Icon exilesJourney build.png The Elder Races who created the vaults seemed to possess a level of technology that, not exactly advanced, seemed to be a parallel to human ingenuity. As if they both share a common root, but the technology went in strange and different directions. You would like to tinker with their materials, but you'll need to come up with a new place to do it.

Learn how to craft a delving bench and then create one and place it.

Learn the feat from a scroll on a pedestal at any Leyshrine. Craft and place the bench.

You brush off your hands and stare at your new bench. Finally a place to experiment and be creative. Greatness awaits.

Summon Witchfire

Icon exilesJourney build.png The person you were would have been intimidated by the mention of witchfire. Before the Island, the mere hint of sorcery was to be feared and spoken of in whispers. Now, you realize that the right combination of alchemical effects can be combined to produce the flickering, ghostly lights that other people refer to as witchfire. You want to create some, just to spite the shadow of who you used to be.

Witchfire recipes can be learned on the feat page.

This one is pretty easy compared to most of this chapter. You need to add either a Witchfire Wall Torch or a Witchfire Standing Torch to your inventory to unlock this journey step - it doesn't matter who made it. These torches are crafted at the Artisan's Worktable and require Witchfire Powder which is made at the Alchemist's Bench, from Glowing Essence and Brimstone.

Your witchfire burns blue against the night, a flickering flame that gives off little smoke and casts a harsh light on the landscape. Looking down, you can see that your shadow is gone.

Obtain a Greater ????

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png You've seen the residue when you kill the creatures of the Maelstrom. Indescribable, unexplainable substances. Picking up the ???? is difficult because it seems to exist in many places at once. You wonder what the largest creatures of the Maelstrom would drop. Just how much ???? could you get from such a creature? Does size even matter?

Find and kill a Maelstrom Boss to recover a Greater ????

Greater ???? can be looted off Maelstrom bosses and is rarely contained in chests. The bosses summoned at the Pools of the Grey Ones also drop it.

You stand over the body of your foe, Greater ???? in hand. What is great about it is as hard to describe as anything else about it - but you are sure it will be useful when you need it.

Equip a Nordheimer Armor Set

Icon exilesJourney build.png As you explore the Island, you find that the armor and clothing of the desert is inadequate to protect you against both the damage and temperatures of the frozen region. The locals, however, seem to have developed armor that keeps them warm even in the coldest of areas. You might just need to borrow some.

Loot a Nordheimer enemy for their armor, or craft it yourself from the recipes learned on the feats page.

Simply unlock the Nordheimer Armors feat to allow you to craft the Vanir armor sets, or equip a looted Vanir armor piece. Undead wraiths in the Ruins of X'chotl drop pieces fairly often.

The new armor pleases you and simply for the warmth that it imparts. It also looks really good.

Discover all of Siptah's journals

Icon exilesJourney explore.png The master of the island - Siptah. You've heard rumors about him since before this whole sordid affair began - his name is whispered in fear by superstitious sailors in dockside taverns the length and breadth of the western coasts of Thuria. Scattered across the Isle are his journals - detailing his journey for any who care to read them. You have decided that you care to read them. Now you simply need to find them.

Find Sitpah's journals and read them all to understand the origins of this enigmatic figure.

There are 24 journals scattered all about the island. Check out the Siptah's Journal page for hints.

You've read Siptah's journals - from the first moment he set foot on the island up until the moment when he entered the tower itself. What lies beyond that moment - and the ultimate fate of Siptah - remains unclear.

Enter the tower of Siptah

Icon exilesJourney explore.png You've come a long way since you washed up on that beach, half-drowned and tied to a bench. Your adventures have drawn you, inexorably to the tower at the heart of the island. There are questions - questions that you need answered. What is the fate of Siptah? What awaits in the room at the top of the tower? There is only one way to find out.

Find a way into the Tower of Siptah.

Go through the doors at the south side of The Tower and enter the Voidforge.

You weren't sure what you were expecting to find, but it wasn't this.

Chapter X[]

Find a Legendary weapon

Icon exilesJourney survive.png Some weapons carry a story with them. It can be as simple as a blade that become famous because its wielder managed to slay five enemies with it, or something as complex as a weapon specifically crafted by a sorcerer to kill a single person. Over time, such weapons gain a certain mythical quality and it is said that they confer those bonuses to whoever wields them. There has to be weapons like that in the Exiled Lands, considering the rich history that you have been uncovering during your explorations.

There are legendary weapons scattered across the Exiled Lands, hidden in locked chests guarded by ferocious creatures. Find yourself one.

To unlock this you need to add a Legendary Item to your inventory. It can be one that belongs to someone else. To gain a Legendary Weapon, you should defeat one of the many Legendary Creatures (huge-sized beasts) that can be found around the map (Giant Crocodiles, Spiders, Rhino etc) and loot a Skeleton Key from them. Then you need to find a Legendary Chest that can only be opened with the Skeleton Key - inside each chest you will discover a Legendary Item. An alternative method is to craft a legendary weapon! Eldarium weapons count as legendary weapons and the recipes can be learned from the Delving Bench.

There are legendary weapons scattered across the Exiled Lands, hidden in locked chests guarded by ferocious creatures. Find yourself one.

Summon the Avatar of a God

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png You have tried to find time to make devotions to the gods. You’ve visited their altars and even made sacrifices to them. But to call upon the power of the gods requires earning a lot of favor and a lot of favor requires a lot of sacrifice. You decide to renew your efforts on behalf of your chosen deity. Or deities. That way lies true power.

Craft a True Name token at a tier 3 altar and summon the avatar of your god. Just don’t do it in your house.

You require a tier 3 Priest Thrall or Unique Thrall for your tier 3 shrine to be able to undertake the summoning of an Avatar.

For a brief moment, you soared! You saw through the eyes of a god and smote those who opposed you with the wrath of a deity. Such power coupled with a glimpse of infinity. There is no greater domination!

Obtain an otherworldly item from the Voidforge

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Within the Tower you discover an odd place. Your senses tingle almost as if you were both here and there at the same time. In this strange location, you can trade Fragments of Power for otherworldly items of potent and peculiar capability.

Trade Fragments of Power obtained from Surges for otherworldly items in the Voidforge.

Take a Fragment of Power to the Voidforge and interact with any of the pedestals to receive a recipe.

You have obtained an otherworldly item from the Voidforge

Craft a legendary armor piece

Icon exilesJourney build.png Eldarium, the mysterious alloy created by the ancients, is the strongest, lightest material you have ever encountered. So naturally, you wonder how it would work if combined with conventional armor sets. You decide that this is an experiment worth pursuing.

Infuse an armore set with Eldarium by using a delving bench.

You have to craft the armor. And you may need a named Armorer with a specialization in the crafting station for the piece to count as legendary.

You flex your arms and legs - getting a feel for the fit of the new armor. Surprisingly, it feels just the same as it used to, but you are confident that the new alloy infused the armor will make it better in every way.

Recruit a unique thrall

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png There is a definite difference in the quality among the thralls you have collected. Some of them are just better - be it a result of better training, more sophisticated cultural knowledge or just talent. You need that talent on your side and the only way to get it is to go out there and smack it on the head.

Capture a named thrall and train them on the Wheel of Pain.

Hopefully you have a fair few Thralls by now, enhancing your workshop and guarding your base. You need to capture and convert a Named Thrall (Fighter, Archer, Entertainer, Bearer) on the Wheel of Pain or grow a Greater version of any animal in an Animal Pen or get any of the above from a friend. Placing the thrall or pet on the ground actually completes this step.

You've captured the talent and you are slowly building your empire. If you want to be the best, surround yourself with the best people, after all.

Create a Specialized Workstation

Icon exilesJourney build.png You have become something of a master in your chosen crafts over your time in the Exiled Lands. Not only can you identify dozens of inefficiencies in the production chain, you now realize how to reach the pinnacle of perfection in your craft. It will, however, require some effort. You get to work on your master crafting station, certain that your improved design will be faster and more efficient.

Learn a master crafting station from the feat page and then craft one to be placed in the world.

Learn any one the feats Grandmaster Alchemist, Grandmaster Carpenter, Grandmaster Blacksmith, Grandmaster Armorer, Grandmaster Tanner, Grandmaster Smelter and craft any of the specialized workstations they teach you.

You stand proudly beside your master workstation. This, as much as your combat prowess, is proof that you have come to dominate the Isle of Siptah. You have become so much more than you were.

Explore the entire Isle of Siptah

All discoverable locations on the Isle of Siptah

Icon exilesJourney explore.png You have explored much of the Isle of Siptah, but to truly dominate you know that you need to understand the land intimately. Every chokepoint that can turn the tide of battle, every cave where an enemy might be hiding, every location where a rare resource might be found – you must learn them all. Time to get cracking.

Explore your map to find every point of interest on the Isle of Siptah.

There are 138 discoverable locations, listed here: Isle of Siptah Locations

You have found every single location of interest within the Isle of Siptah. You’ve been everywhere that there is to go, seen every vista and visited every scene. You are the ultimate explorer.

Craft a star metal tool

Icon exilesJourney build.png There are metals and then there are metals. You've heard of the properties of this metal - apparently it is powerful enough to undo the spell of living stone cast upon someone' s parents and drive the evil serpent-men back into another dimension by defeating the cruel wizard Wrath Amon. Of course - that is just a children's tale - but you are still interested.

Combine the ore of a star with brimstone and black ice to forge Star metal. Then use that to craft a tool.

Requires you to unlock the Star Metal Tools feat on the Survival page and then craft either an Star Metal Pick or Star Metal Hatchet. Both of these require a Blacksmith's Bench to craft.

You have successfully crafted a star metal tool. The pinnacle of harvesting and gathering. Rocks, bushes and trees, beware.

Defeat a world boss

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png Perhaps due to natural processes, perhaps due to the sorcery in the very air, some creatures on the Isle of Siptah have grown to extremely large proportions. They have a ferocity to match. What better way to test yourself?

Find and defeat one of the world bosses on the Isle of Siptah.

A bloodied corpse, a dripping weapon, and a smile of triumph. A vanquished foe and a conquering hero. You're trying not to let your ego outgrow your armor.

Summon the most powerful surge

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png You've summoned surges and mastered the powers of the Maelstrom. Except there is a level of power that you haven't yet contended with. The most powerful surge. You don't know what will happen if you call down the most powerful elements of the Maelstrom. But you are confident you can handle it.

Summon the most powerful form of the surge at a Leyshrine. This will provide access to the most powerful allies in the game.

You need 1000x Swirling Chaos for a max power Surge. Greater ???? adds 50x, Unstable ???? adds 2x, and Lesser ???? adds 1x.

You've harnessed the power of the Maelstrom in all of its forms. You've overcome the threats contained therein. You are a power to be reckoned with.