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The Dregs are the ancient sewer system of The Unnamed City.


  • In order to enter the dungeon, simply follow the ghosts lead and perform a blood sacrifice. To do this:
    • you can just lure an enemy NPC up into the chamber and kill it on the circular platform.
    • or just sacrifice yourself by removing the bracelet. But hurry up with the respawn, otherwise the entrance will be closed again. Place a bedroll as close as possible to the entrance and claim it. But don't forget to pick up your dead body and stuff.
  • Very Important! In some areas, you will need a bow and arrows, shooting at a target to trigger the change in water level.
  • The Abysmal Remnant boss can be tanked with a good armor rating and shield. While soloing this dungeon is possible, it is a good idea to bring a friend to provide support.
  • The dungeon exit is a sewer grate behind the acid pit.
  • Unlike some other locations of interest, this dungeon does not apply corruption.


This dungeon is located in the bottom-left corner of the map, guarded by the Yog worshipers of Skulker's End.



Various enemies roam across these sewers.

Knowledge Rewards[]

This dungeon offers two knowledge rewards.

Rune Stone Reward[]

Found by interacting with the broken rune stone right at the inside entrance. After walking down the spiral staircase, look towards your right. Blue glyphs will appear. Press your interact key (PC=E) and the following knowledge will be learned.

Boss Reward[]

Once you have slain the boss, its pool of acid will drain and a red journal will be revealed. Press your interact key (PC=E) and the following knowledges will be learned.


The komodos and deep water pools in the initial area of the dungeon are useful for collecting some resources required to craft the items learned here.

The boss can also be harvested for the following unique resources.


Spread across the dungeon are several journals. If you manage to find these, you will be able to read them. They tell a story about someone's search for a treasure and his experience in the dungeon.

The Darfari horde chased us into an old ruin. It was a dead end. I thought it was over. Dear Semat stepped forth bravely to hold the entrance, but the leader of the Darfari, a wild brute with mud and twigs in his hair, cut him down. I was preparing to make my final stand, when the very ground in the chamber began to rumble. The walls shook and the earth moved. The savages fled, wailing, through the passageway, as ground beneath them began to rise. It was a staircase! This was the entrance we had been searching for! Quickly, I stepped over to Semat's corpse, just long enough to close his eyes and grab his gear. Then I headed down the staircase into darkness. As my eyes adjusted, I came into a large cavern. What a sight! The floor is covered in ankle deep water and ghostfire burns above deeper pools murky depths are hard to fathom. Phosphorescent growths cling to the water's edge and in their dim glow, large creatures are moving in the water. I must be cautious. If the treasure is truly down here, I will need to stay alive in order to find it.
~ Adventurer's Note #1
At first, I thought that I had come to a dead end and that my quest for the treasure would be over. But then I noticed the stone mechanisms set high into the walls along the corridors. They were built for a taller race than ours (Who knows what primordial race once stalked these corridors?), but they can be activated from below with a thrown object or an Arrow. There is something else...a voice. It speaks to me and...It is probably nothing. The strain of the long quest in search of my ancestor's treasure.
~ Adventurer's Note #2
The path forward grows less clear and yet with every chamber that I conquer, my certainty grows. This is the place where my ancestors, the legendary Zapayo da Kordava came in search of his ultimate dream. The voice in my mind whispers to me of the treasure that awaits me, she praises my strength and conviction. She tells me where to go and how to navigate this maze of confusing chambers. This is the path soon I will have both the secrets of my ancestors and I will meet this mysterious lady who speaks in my mind.
~ Adventurer's Note #3
This is it! I can feel her presence just ahead of me! It is time to meet my love, and recover the precious journal of Zapayo da Kordava. If my father is correct, it contains the last recipe that he wrote before he went missing, designed based upon his adventures in the Black Kingdoms to the south. But this is secondary to meeting my love. She awaits me just ahead, and her sweet voice sings in my mind. She is beautiful. I will take her with me back to Zingara and make her my wife. All else is secondary, including the journal of my ancestor. She is telling me to put down my weapons and possessions...why not? I have nothing to fear from such a gentle spirit...
~ Adventurer's Note #4


~ Ghost, when entering the dungeon
Come to me..
~ Ghost, after crossing the first gate
Ah, my clever one
~ Ghost, when completing the first puzzle
Come, my love, come
~ Ghost, when arriving to the second puzzle
My little fish...swim..
~ Ghost, when arriving to the third puzzle
Closer, it is not far
~ Ghost, after completing the third puzzle
It is destiny
~ Ghost, after arriving to the room with the skeleton ambush
I await you ...
~ Ghost, when arriving to the fourth puzzle
~ Ghost, midway on the fourth puzzle
Close now...
~ Ghost, after completing the fourth puzzle
You are mine, beloved
~ Ghost, before arriving with the Abysmal Remnant