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The capital of the Dogs of the Desert, this large ruin is home to both human and werehyena. There is a large amphitheater in the center, and scaffolding all around, as though the inhabitants are in the process of rebuilding.

May contain Armorer, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Performer, Smelter, Cook, Tanner, Bearer, Archer, Fighter I-III

Notable NPCs[]

The Den is home to a number of Dogs of the Desert named and unnamed NPCs.



  • At a bonfire in the Southeast corner, find Specialist Brewing I
  • Near the amphitheater, find Dogs of the Desert Banners
  • A ghost at the top of the steps North of the amphitheater teaches Belly Dance
  • As of the June 2019 patch, numerous NPCs have been added and some locations may have changed.