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The Black Galleon
Black galleon 1.jpg
Map Exiled Lands
Biome Desert
Coordinates 86,96
Type Capital
Map Icon T Map Icon capital black hand.png
Faction Black Hand
Mini T Map Icon capital black hand.png


The Black Galleon camp is the capital settlement for the Black Hand faction and is so named because the settlement, built atop a natural outcrop, resembles a massive ship. It is accessed by one of several wood & rope bridges that lead from nearby cliffs.

It is fairly densely populated, with over 50 inhabitants, so caution is recommended when entering, as it is easy to accidentally end up fighting many aggressive thralls.

Contains Cook I, Priest II, Fighter III

May contain Priest, Alchemist, Bearer, Taskmaster, Fighter, Archer, Armorer, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Performer, Smelter, Cook, Tanner I-III

Notable NPCs[]

Name Type Specialization Chance [%]
Arvad of Akbitan Blacksmith <1
Black Hand Captain Fighter 50%
Braggi the Bold Fighter 1%
Captain Ioushuwa Fighter 50%
Conchaka of Hyrkania Archer <1%
Cruaidh the Crusher Fighter 1%
Danyo the Seductive Performer <1%
Fingal Firetender Smelter <1%
Galter of Bossonia Archer <1%
Idra Sparkeyes Smelter <1%
Imiu of Derketo Performer <1%
Irniz of the Furnace Armorer <1%
Jehungir Horseshoe Armorer <1%
Joka Ironfist Armorer <1%
Kaspa of the Forest Carpenter IconCarpenterBuilder.pngBuilder
Macrin Blackhand Smelter <1%
Maev the Magnificent Blacksmith <1%
Ogrus Iron-eater Armorer <1%
Rayne o' the Rosewood Carpenter <1%
Saddur the Slaver Taskmaster 1%
Shendelzare Armorer <1%
Sigyn the Woodworker Carpenter <1%
Valenso Da Reyn Tanner <1%
Vanko the Fearsome Taskmaster 1%
Vatessa the Potent Cook <1%
Amzadi the wanderer Bearer <1%
Dono'Thelpup Bearer <1%
Eina the light Bearer <1%
Fairin of the Wild Coast Bearer <1%
Hesth Plainswalker Bearer <1%
Kathibria Featherstep Bearer <1%
Narr Goatfoot Bearer <1%
Pelor the well-travelled Bearer <1%
Rethrous the Burdened Bearer <1%
Ulrik the mountaineer Bearer <1%