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The Archivist
The Archivist
ID: Dialogue_The_Archivist
Temperament Passive
Location(s) The Archives, The Unnamed City
Religion Cartographer (Knowledge)

The Archivist is a friendly character in Conan Exiles.


The Archivist is, or rather, was, one of the Triumvirate, the trio of leaders that guided the empire of Giant-kings. A ghostly shade that haunts the Archives of the Unnamed City, he is nonetheless friendly towards that may encounter him and more than willing to regale the tragedy of his once-great people to those that may listen.

Keeping a ghostly vigil over his Archives, he also offers the secrets of the Library of Esoteric Artifacts.


  • The Archivist cannot be attacked and may only be interacted with. He will provide context and information regarding particular items that are brought to him, as well details regarding the events that befell the Exiled Lands.
  • He will also teach the Cartographer (Knowledge) that allows the construction of a Icon map room Map-Room.
  • To his right, when facing him, is the Library of Esoteric Artifacts which gives unique Scrolls that teach certain knowledges if traded with a Icon shard of knowledge Fragment of Power.
  • He is mentioned by the Origin Stones.


The Archivist can be found at the following locations:



Do not be afraid, bonded one. I am just a shadow, a whisper of what once was. Before the fall, when my people raised nighted pillars of black stone to the sky, I was called the Archivist.


Have you come to seek a way free of the bonding bracelet, human? There is only one chance and a very slim one at that. You must assemble the items of power that were present at its creation. The Diadem of the Giant-kings, the Mask of the Witch Queen, the Tears of Two Races, the Star of the Champion, the Heart of the Sands, the Shining Trapezohedron and the Serpent Ring of Set. I fear I set you an impossible quest, human.
The Diadem of the Giant-kings was once worn upon the brow of the Priestking. He fell in battle with Tyros the Deathbringer, in the battlefields of the north. More than that, I cannot say. The Priestking was the most passionate and most volatile among us. I fear his downfall will not have been a simple matter.
The Witch Queen of Lemuria was our greatest enemy, in the dying days of our race. Her people came to us as refugees, but even as they took our succour, they plotted our downfall. She was present at the creation of the bracelets, lending her power to ours. Her fate is unknown to me, but she always ruled from her city in the swamp to the east.
The Tears of Two races were simple to obtain when we performed the ritual. We simply took our tears and combined them. But who is left to weep for both races? Although...tales persist of Tyros the Deathbringer. He was born of both races, our blood mingled with theirs. Perhaps his tears could be enough to fulfill the requirement. Obtaining them would be quite the feat.
The Star of the Champion lies buried beneath the sands of the arena in the east. I remember well the day that Tyros killed the mighty dragon. He wept to defeat such a noble creature. He placed the star upon its brow. As far as I know, there it remains.
The Heart of the Sands, or simply the Scourgestone, was an artefact of power. The Priestking used it to create a weapon, the sandstorm, that he swore would be our salvation. He gave it to the Warmaker to unleash upon our enemies. As far as I know, it was destroyed in the attempt, but perhaps the Warmaker has more insight.
The Serpent Ring of was our most powerful artefact. It was kept in a tomb beneath this city And then one day...a human came. He had all the words and signs of power. He passed through every ward and trap we had put in place. He took the Serpent Ring of Set and he left. If you wonder why you wear the bracelet, wonder no more. It must have been this man, who called himself Thoth-Amon. Dedicate yourself to recovering the other artefacts. You will not recover the Serpent Ring of Set as long as you are trapped in this empire. Perhaps...perhaps it will be enough.
When you have the artefacts, you must place them on the receptacle, north of here. Once you have filled this vessel with the artefacts of power, it will create a keystone. To remove your bracelet, all that is required is to touch it with the keystone. And then, mortal, you will be free. But freedom will mean giving up all that these lands have come to offer you. So, choose wisely.
How did I die? I was betrayed by your kind. In a place called the Circle of Swords, I went in good faith to meet the Witch Queen. She had promised peace. I was cut down. My bones were left to rot in the wind. And yet, my spirit has always belonged to the archives, human. And so, I am here. And here I shall remain.