Conan Exiles Wiki
ID: DungeonWineCellar_SmokeDemon_Boss
Map Exiled Lands
HP 24360
Armor 600
KB Defense 1000
Base XP 129600
Group Boss
Temperament Aggressive
Location Wine Cellar

Thag is the final boss in the Wine Cellar dungeon.


Thag is summoned by lighting the ring of campfires located in his arena. This causes the gates to slam shut and lock those who challenge him inside until either Thag is killed or he has finished killing every player. A barrier will also appear around the balcony at the top of his arena, preventing anyone from shooting down at him from safety during the fight. If Thag wins the battle, the entry gates will reopen and he can be summoned again at full health.

The battle against Thag has four phases. At the end of the first three, he teleports to the middle of the chamber and causes blue flames to erupt from the ground that inflict significant damage, but have a telltale indicator moments before they appear. Prior to the second and third blue flame attacks, he also summons several wights from the edges of the room. The wights can be ignored, as they will all instantly die as soon as Thag does. During the final phase, the room is also shrouded in dark clouds.

Thag mainly attacks with a giant mace. During the later phases, he may also spew a toxic sludge on the ground that causes constant damage when touched.

Once defeated, both the entrance gates and exit gates open, revealing a passage back outside to the Exiled Lands. He can be looted for one of the Khari recipe scrolls and some Khari Steel and has a chance to drop the Mace of Thag, Scythe of Thag or Hammer of Thag.

Unlike other enemies and bosses which respawn at a much faster rate, Thag requires a full hour to respawn. The exit gates will remain open and the ring of fires cannot be lit until then.