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Th'aat of Gazal
Th'aat of Gazal Th'aat of Gazal converted
ID: ThaatofGazal
Type Taskmaster
Use at Torturer's Worktable
Animal Pen
Reinforced Animal Pen
Armored Animal Pen
Small Animal Pen
Lesser Wheel of Pain
Wheel of Pain
Greater Wheel of Pain
Specialization Driver
Increased crafting speed +150%
Initial Stats
Race Darfari
Factions Darfari Cannibals
Location Purge Type: A horde of darfari cannibals
Purge Type: A horde of darfari cannibals (Ostriches)


Th'aat of Gazal is a named, Tier 4 Taskmaster NPC of the Darfari Cannibals Faction.


Th'aat of Gazal can be found at the following locations:


  • Warning Spoilers for Drums of Tombalku Draft: As Stated in his name Th'aat comes from Gazal were the Draft for, Drums of Tombalku takes place. A decaying city located in the desert south of Stygia who's people built the city on a large oasis were effected in a trance by a Kush God named Ollam-onga who inhabited a red cylindrical tower in the southeastern corner of Gazal.

Bonus Recipes[]