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This template creates an icon with a text link underneath. As the page width narrows, a group of these icons will rearrange themselves onto as many lines as necessary. The group can be centered by enclosing the template calls in <center> ... </center> tags.


{{Recipes|Icon Acolyte of Mitra.png|Acolyte of Mitra}}
Name Type Required Use
1 image true The image name for this recipe, suffixed with .png
2 string true The name of the recipe being linked to
link string false The page that needs to be linked to, if the recipe name, itself, is a disambiguation.
Link defaults to the value of the 2nd parameter if omitted.



{{Recipes|Icon Acolyte of Mitra.png|Acolyte of Mitra}}
{{Recipes|Icon Survivalist.png|Survivalist}}
{{Recipes|Icon Weaver.png|Weaver}}
{{Recipes|Icon tannery.png|Tanner|link=Tanner_(recipe)}}
{{Recipes|Icon Acolyte of Yog.png|Acolyte of Yog}}



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