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The Tavern is a system in Conan Exiles.

In order to make you very own tavern, you need two things: A Tavern Bar, and a Barkeeper. Once you have built a bar and have rescued a bar keeper from the Purge, you can sit back and relax. Patrons will appear over time, and some of them are even willing to work for you, if you have the coin. The bar comes with some seats, but to get more guests, build more seats - any Bench or Chair will do, but not Thrones.

You can talk to your barkeeper once they are working, with three options: 1.) Dialogue for their backstory, 2.) purchase drinks and food from them, and 3.) Use their contacts to bring special patrons to your bar.

Hirable patrons are always FIghters, Archers, or Entertainers.

During the Sacred Hunt of Jhebbal Sag, Xil the Wanderer may stop by your tavern.