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Copied from Discord:
Exile Enforcer:
%27 is ' in url format.
It shouldn't turn into %27 if you copy the pagename to Excel.

  • Injected: The recipe actually exported in csv as "Ritual: Mitra\'s Protection" and copying from the devkit "Ritual: Mitra's Protection". Both are %27 in UTF-8, I just removed the backslash.

the problem is the way the wiki encodes the url
with real url encoding the link should look like:
and this link is also working in safari
the wiki did some special escaping like space to _
and also the ' to %27
but this happens before the browsers url encoding and so the browser did it again and converts %27 into %2527
and the result is a bad title message from the wiki
solution: don't use '
or don't use safari :person_shrugging:
or teach the wiki how to do it right
that it works with other browsers is a sign of higher forgiveness of the browser. safari is more restrict

My thoughts:
Again, guys, thanks for the quick and detailed response!
So, if I have the above correct, we have three options that allows the bot, embedded links and Safari to perform as wanted (and not just this page, all future pages):

  • Move the page to a different title that does not contain the offending character (does %60 solve this? It sorta sounds like what you solved with the interactive map)
  • Don't use Safari. I don't, but there are others that do.
  • Teach the Wiki to do it right (huh?)

Taking a step back, we want all users and editors to enjoy seamless access to the data we provide, so, from that perspective:
Move the page

  • How can we 'teach' all volunteers to do this, and what would the instructions look like?
  • With all the current data and instructions on the massive Wiki, where would we put it so that all volunteer editors know how to handle it?

Don't use Safari (or any other restrictive browsers that may pop up)

  • That would deny the seamless access mentioned above to some portion of the userbase

Teach the Wiki

  • That would solve the issue for the current page under discussion and all future pages, but raises some hairy questions

I do not know what the third option entails, but it seems a permanent solution with minimal future maintenance (and we certainly are volunteer-limited).

  • Is this re-coding at the Wiki level, or the Gamepedia level?
  • If changes are made, will they affect existing pages?
  • Who has the access and knowledge?
  • If selected, how can I help?

Open to anything, but I will continue to build the other pages and store them on my userpage, holding off publishing.
Jimathome (talk) 17:32, 26 November 2019 (UTC)

Given no response, I can only assume Safari users will have to search the Wiki if the Discord link does not work.
Working on the rest of the shields and publishing, then tracking down the pages that should have an appropriate link.
19:04, 27 November 2019 (UTC)